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here's a well-thought-out library for b4j.
just google "sarxos", and it will lead you to the project.

i put together a barcode reading console app in about 5 minutes
with sarxos to run the camera and zxing to handle the barcodes.
i don't see why someone who uses b4j regularly would have a problem
working with the library in ui mode.

i have a webcam tethered via usb to a laptop. take a picture of
a barcode and decode it. zxing's source is readily available and in use
by many here (thanks to @Johan Schoeman).

attached image shows desktop with app running in upper part of
screen. in lower lefthand side of image is a qr code i found online.
in app, frame on left is live camera image of that qr code. click on
button to take picture. frame in middle shows captured image. click
on decode button in frame on right, and barcode is decoded. my
own preference with zxing is to include metadata as well as decoded
content. it's not required.

drivers for all sorts of cameras are included and easily (it says)
used as needed for drop-in replacement. in the case of my laptop,
the default driver worked right out of the box. sarxos.


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