1. C

    Android Question Android Device with Built In Scanner

    I have a Android device with a built in barcode scanner, not a camera. In the documentation it mentions about using AIDL files. Am I able to use these in B4A to operate the scanner. Failing that I saw text relating to intents. Is the barcode scanner automatically broadcasting using an Intent...
  2. nibbo

    Android Question Built in barcode scanner

    Hi all We have acquired some Wepoy s96 android devices with built in barcode scanners, proper ones i.e. not using the camera. I can use the scanner in keyboard mode but in complicated apps it is not easy to keep the focus on an edit text so I would rather try to capture the data in either...
  3. jarinashameem

    Android Question Barcode Scanner Connected via OTG Cable

    Hi, I have a issue when i connect the External Barcode scanner via OTG Cable, where my App gets close or re-initialised. I kind request your help