1. rleiman

    Android Question Free database to lookup grocery item barcodes

    Greetings, I have a requirement from a customer who wants me to make an app that looks up the barcode from grocery items and extracts details such as the product name, photo of the product, etc. from a free trusted web site. I plan to use the b4aZbarBarcodeScanner to read the barcodes. When I...
  2. I

    iOS Question Generate Barcode 39

    Hi All I am looking to generate barcode 39 in my app. I saw the below link, but it supports code 128 only. I found few links for objective-C code...
  3. F

    Android Question Cannot find zbar.jar

    Hi, I have not done any b4a stuff in a while so this may just be because I am rusty but... I am trying to run the sample b4aZbarBarcodeScanner from I have put the...
  4. C

    Android Question Erel's Barcode Reader Based on Google Play Services

    I noticed Erel's new library/class after having deployed MobileVision 1.5.1 in another application. I noticed Erel said the following: I have developed an application that was installed on 35 machines last year. For some reason the client had to ensure each had a valid internet connection for...
  5. walterf25

    Android Question Barcode Reader Rectangle position and offset

    Hi All, I just came across this thread while searching for a good Barcode Reader which can read very small barcode stickers, i found Erel's example using the CameraEx class which seems to work very good for my purpose, however i switched the orientation from landscape to portrait, i also...
  6. R

    mStock-BIZ: Source code available for sale

    Greeting all, I would like to sell source-code of application created by me with B4A. The application is called mStock-BIZ. You can follow the application screen-shoots and videos in this thread. What is mStock-BIZ ? mStock-BIZ (Mobile Stock for Business) is one of real-world application to...
  7. figorra

    Android Question Barcode reader CamEx

    Hi to all, When I try to read a EAN 128 CC code, the program do this.... I use only 128 and all formats, but the result is the same. And..... when I use all formats.... the process is sooooo slower..... the message found pass after you close the app. Killing the process too.
  8. P

    Android Question Barcode scanner and get camera's Bitmap

    HI, All Do we have any barcode scaning lib or class that together with the scanning allows to get Bitmap from camera ? For some extra analyzing.
  9. L

    Android Question How to intercept or simulate first tab key press

    Hello, Some time ago I developed on my application a barcode scanning. I do this intercepting the chars with activity_keypress and when I receive the tab key my application search the barcode. It works, but I got a problem that my customer reject. The application starts to read the barcode...
  10. C

    Android Question Android Device with Built In Scanner

    I have a Android device with a built in barcode scanner, not a camera. In the documentation it mentions about using AIDL files. Am I able to use these in B4A to operate the scanner. Failing that I saw text relating to intents. Is the barcode scanner automatically broadcasting using an Intent...
  11. N

    Android Question Built in barcode scanner

    Hi all We have acquired some Wepoy s96 android devices with built in barcode scanners, proper ones i.e. not using the camera. I can use the scanner in keyboard mode but in complicated apps it is not easy to keep the focus on an edit text so I would rather try to capture the data in either...
  12. jarinashameem

    Android Question Barcode Scanner Connected via OTG Cable

    Hi, I have a issue when i connect the External Barcode scanner via OTG Cable, where my App gets close or re-initialised. I kind request your help