1. M

    Android Question How to send multiple integer variables from udp socket

    hi everyone i wanna to send array of integer from udp socket but i can how do it! hoever im trying to do this but it dose not work well here my sample code: Private Sub Label1_Click Dim hum=200,temp=320 As Int Dim int() As Int = Array As Int(temp,hum) Dim byte() As Byte =...
  2. alirezahassan

    Android Question Analysis Internet B4A

    Hi all :) interesting thing! i want to show ping and packet loss to users. is there any way? or is there any code or library about it?
  3. AbdurRahman

    Android Question build b4a app using github ci ?

    How to build b4a app using github VPS yaml script ? Thanks erel for making b4a cli version. What I tried ? I'm at stage of just finishing. I made IDE portable and compressed via 7zip. With batch script, I download, extract and compile apk using it. git clone...
  4. AbdurRahman

    Wish basic4android command line

    I wish basic4android would have an command line version. Not complex, just basic supported arguments are enough for my requirements e.g -project xxx.bas -out xxx.apk. Background: I always build android studio apps using github ci, because github ci VPS is: free has a lot of tools builds under...
  5. muhammadali213123

    Other Can I use xamarin libs in b4a ?

    Respected developers, There are many my favorite lib which aren't available or outdated for b4a. (like this one) So is there anyway I can use Xamarin projects or libraries in b4a ? Any workaround or any method ?
  6. muhammadali213123

    Android Question Can I get libvlc.jar to be use in b4a ?

    Please don't delete my post. I am already depressed and helpless. I didn't added any bad thing. And if added then please correct me.Thanks! As you know all that vlc isn't just a video player But also an open source framework shared across tons of platforms. They give you a lib called libvlc...
  7. P

    B4A Library SharedPreferences - Save Key-value data

    Hello When i used B4A for the first time, I felt something is missing. it was hard to save values using File.WriteString or even harder: File.WriteMap each time i had to Create a map and write it to a file if i wanted to save changes. i was waiting for anyone to write a library to make this...
  8. Vancho Dimtirov

    Android Question Has anyone tried Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0 and Basic4Android?

    Has anyone tried Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0 and Basic4Android? Could you help with some examples please? thanks to all!