Other Can I use xamarin libs in b4a ?

Respected developers,
There are many my
favorite lib which aren't available or outdated for b4a. (like this one)
So is there anyway I can use
Xamarin projects or libraries in b4a ?
workaround or any method ?
any way I can ? I seen that both Xamarin and android studio can use .so file in apk. If yes than I can manage to convert c# and java to VB(so easy).
There is also no reason to use Xamarin libraries
I 100% agree to you in this regard. Xamarin is simply a shit. It embeds all dlls into apk.
But the problem is that some people have already did projects in xamarin. So I wanted to utilize their efforts and take their fruits of work.
May be b4a supports xxx.so file. Is that so ? Because this file is so important in any apk. Both old and modern use this type of file.

Dynamically Linked "Shared Object" Libraries: (.so)
If you arent familiar with .so file then you can see
what is .so file?
how .so file is compile?
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