1. Marcos Alves

    Bug? B4A Gestures Lib doesn't work obfuscated

    Hello, I noticed that after obfuscation the gestures lib (1.20) doesn't work anymore and the gesture events aren't raised... (Android 9 / Android X SDK) Is there some alert about this? Did anybody got the same error?
  2. S

    Android Question Bug in DatePicker in B4J

    Summary: If the default DataPicker is passed date ticks for 31st December of some years earlier, then the display shows 31/12/year + 1 Reproduction Steps: Sub dpTestDate_ValueChanged (Value As Long) jTicks = Value Dim OK As Boolean = Control.SomeSub(jTicks) End Sub Sub...
  3. I

    Android Question Kiosk example not working after rebooting (DOOGEE X10)

    Hello all, First, thanks for B4A I am using it since about a month and it is really nice to use. I am currently developping a kiosk application which I test on a DOOGEE X10, which is a low cost phone running on android 6.0. I tried to use the example given by Eren...
  4. A

    Bug? KVS issues during compilation in Xcode

    Hello everyone. I put the keyValueStore class 2.20 version on my project and I don´t touch anything of it. On B4i all worked well but during compilation in Xcode I have 4 issues in this class. My Mac is Mac Mini 2014 running MacOS Mojave and my Xcode version is 10.1 I also have the latest...
  5. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Error in dialog.response

    Hello All, I have a small code that questions the user to confirm to exit the Application and I am getting a strange error, saying that the compiler cannot parse the dialog response B4A 7.30 The Error in the Log window is : Error occurred on line: 1559 (Main) java.lang.RuntimeException...
  6. P

    Android Question FireBase UI Auth Error !!

    B4A V8.50 Libs loaded into the project AppCompat (Version: 4.00) Core (Version: 8.50) DesingSupport (Version: 3.00) FireBaseAnalytics (Version: 1.02) FireBaseNotifications (Version: 1.21) FirebaseUI (Version: 0.21) JavaObject (Version: 2.05) I'm using lib...
  7. hery71

    Wish dateadd with MOre than 12 Month

    Hi i m new in B4A and i try to use date operation but it will give me wrong results??? dim dtn as long DateTime.DateFormat = "yyyy/mm/dd" dtn = DateTime.Now log( datetime.date(dtn)) ' it will give for today 2018/18/31 not normally 2018/07/31????? is it a bugg???? or i do some mistake???? Hery
  8. Sandman

    Bug? IDE a little shakier in 8.30 when using RDP

    I'm using B4A using RDP from my Linux box, and I'm getting weird error messages from this now and then (at least I don't think non-RDP users are seeing them). Earlier they've been simple to ignore, they haven't really affected much. Just a strange message to close, and continue working...
  9. J

    Bug? Please allow us to search for single characters, too

    Good afternoon Every IDE and Editor we know is able to find single characters... unfortunately, B4A does not allow this: it forces us to use at least 2 characters. This is very annoying if one needs to search for exactly one character and because we found this bug, we really need it. Please...
  10. Sandman

    Bug? Typo in NB6 class causing erroneous channel name

    I think there's a typo in the NB6 class, found at https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/nb6-notifications-builder-class-2018.91819/#content. Public Sub Initialize (ChannelId As String, ChannelName As Object, ImportanceLevel As String) As NB6 ctxt.InitializeContext...
  11. A

    Android Question Error while running the app

    Hi I runned my app on realise mode and I this message error has shown up: B4A Version: 8.00 Code analyzer. Error The specified argument is outside the range of valid values. Parameter name: index I tried to run the app without some subs, to find where is the problem, but I didnt find...
  12. LWGShane

    Bug? [Not A Bug - By Design] Rename To > "Name Already Exists"

    Description: B4X won't let me rename pre-existing variables if the new name already exists via manually renaming one or some of the old variables to the new name. How to reproduce: Create a variable of and put said variable into multiple subs > Manually rename one to something else > Use the...
  13. Moncai

    iOS Question Picker_click event not firing

    Hi, I'm using B4i 4.81 with hosted builder. My client wants to simply swipe then touch to select something. However, the Picker view does not seem to fire the click event. Sample code below (Layout Page1 just has Picker1 on it). Thanks in advance for the help! Sub Process_Globals 'These...