1. F

    iOS Question Provision profile and certificate do not match

    Hi I'm getting this error I attempted to remake the certificates and provision files but I still get this error when I try to compile any suggestions. Preparing the project for the builder. Error Provision profile and certificate do not match
  2. S

    Share My Creation Class Template Builder

    Hi, A simple tool to create XML+JAR files for Class Template Thanks to @Star-Dust for zip class : Enter Author and Version Add class files...
  3. Star-Dust

    Italian Compilazione B4i con Host Mac Builder Server

    Vedi anche creazione Certificati L'anno scorso avevo preparato un Tutorial per la compilazione a beneficio di un amico che per la prima volta compilava per B4i. Forse non è ancora attuale ma potrebbe aiutare chi è alle prime armi quindi lo ripropongo qui: 1) Impostare percorsi del KEYSTORE...
  4. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - put an URL as Server IP (access from outside)

    Hi everyone. I have a local build server, i would to know if there is a way to put a URL in the "Server IP" so it became static from the outside. I have a dns, so i would like to put this in the configuration so i can build outside of my home If i click "ok" it says "invalid server ip"
  5. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder triggers iCloud error

    hi everyone, i noticed that when I run the b4iBuilder on my mac, in 4/5 minutes iCloud got an error saying that my apple id can't connect to it, and requires my password, i type it in and says "Unknown error"... that's annoying.. this happens to someone else?
  6. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - not killing

    Hi, I'm trying to follow the tutorial. I started successfully the server but when Istart the Test page it says: "Mac SSL Key Error reading key SSL port: 51042" If I try to kill it, the browser stop loading in a certain point and stay there for ever without killing
  7. jlerner

    iOS Question Failed to find xcode version

    Good afternoon, I find the following error. I have installed Xcode 10 on my MacBook Pro with MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 operating system. When installing Host Builder and trying to run B4iBuildServer.jar I get the error "Failed to find xcode version". The Build Server version is 6.3. Does anyone...
  8. B

    iOS Question Hosted Builder problem

    Hi, After install and configure everything, I tryed to build but without any success. I always get a Timeout error (even after increase from 60 to 180 seconds). I also update B4i for the last version and still get the same problem: B4i Version: 5.81 Parsing code. (0.00s)...
  9. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial 💡 Printing on A4 and Letter sized paper

    Hello all, As the title say, this is a quick tutorial on how to print on A4 or Letter sized paper using the follow information provided by Steve Laming (better known as @stevel05). CLICK HERE for B4J Print JavaFX 8 I have attached two PDF files showing example printouts for both A4 and letter...
  10. P

    iOS Question Hosted Mac Builder Swift ?

    Can I use "Hosted Mac Builder" for the Swift IDE? I have some projects in Swift and wanted to compile using the hosted mac builder, is it possible?
  11. O

    Android Question Notification Builder - setColor

    I want to change the background color of the smallicon in a notification. I use the notification builder. My aim is, to get different colors for the smallicon in the notification and in the status bar. Equal to...