1. M

    Bug? [B4A] Intent Based Camera stops working in certain conditions šŸ¤Æ

    Hi everyone, I'm using this method by @Erel to take a picture from Android in my app released months ago. Since some days, some customers told me that the "take picture" button is not working anymore, randomly. After some investigation in my code, I could not find the problem... the only thing...
  2. A

    iOS Question Take a photo and save it as PDF

    Hi all. Is it possible in iOS? I need to take a photo of the document, save it as PDF and send it over the Internet. Thanks.
  3. Melghost

    Android Question Replace camera with image file

    Hi. Is there a way to replace the camera capture with an image from a file? The goal is to show an image of a static warning: "You're not allowed to use the camera" I would need it to work no matter the camera app being used. Thank you.
  4. Rasoull

    Android Question camera for all devices

    Hello Which camera library do you recommend for using the following options? FlashMode-Torch-On-Off grid-Add GridLines Focus mode Image size
  5. P

    Android Question Portrait orientation - Camera Landscape

    Good day, I have an app that is set to display only in portrait mode. One of the activities has a button that invokes the camera, takes a picture and uploads it to the server. When the phone is held in portrait, and the camera is used, the app takes the photo in portrait and returns to the...
  6. G

    Android Question Problem With EasyAR Library

    Hi everyone, I have a question about Walter's perfect AR library. Does it work with new versions of EasyAR Sense License Keys? I bought Sense 4.0 Professional License Key and do every step you mentioned in your EasyAR thread, But it does not work... When I use EasyAR.jar file Version 3.0.1 my...
  7. S

    iOS Question iMedia Camera. How to get File name?

    Hello, I am developing a chat that has the ability to send video messages. I used CameraView on Android and everything works and there are no problems, but on ios I found this example , but I have a...
  8. alirezahassan

    Android Question take picture with Phone Camera application

    hi all, i wnat to take picture with camera application. i check in android 4.7 when camera is opened, application will be closed. and it gives me an error about my codes that is in the Activity Create. but i don't have any problems and errors on the other phone. what should i do...
  9. Angel Garcia

    iOS Question How to detect camera permission authorization state?

    Hi all, I'm using the camera library to let the user take a photo from its iPhone, as you know when the user grants the permission first time everything works fine, but if he denies it, it never request permission never again, and when the 'cam.takepicture' event is fired it just show black...
  10. M

    Android Question Not solved [B4XPages] Barcode/QrCode scanner not detecting

    Hi everyone, i developed an app that uses the barcode/qrcode reader. i wanted to use b4xpages for the first time from the beggining of the project by following this example: Now i finished everything. On my...
  11. B

    Android Question Difficulty converting bytes to images

    Hi Erel had previously installed a CCTV source: I edited these sources for further practice so that images from one client are sent in bytes to the server and from the server are sent to another client, and in another...
  12. J

    Android Question is there an Equivalent in new API for getVerticalViewAngle() and .gethorizontalViewAngle()?

    Hello: due to GetVerticalViewAngle () and gethorizontalViewAngle () are deprecated in the latest camera API. I need to know them. thus, I would like to be able to calculate this data (getHorizontalViewAngle () and getVerticalViewAngle (). Is there any way to do it? Regards and Thanks in advance
  13. J

    Spanish Leer caracteristicas de la camara de fotos

    Buenos dias: Necesitaria vuestra ayuda, porque estoy realizando una aplicacion con la camara, y debo conocer unos datos de sus caracteristicas. (y por ello necesito vuestra ayuda y vuestros conocimientos) Son datos para obtener el angulo de vision de la camara (view angle)...
  14. Cainsoft

    Bug? Camera2 example : Exception: Sub activity_permissionresult was not found

    Hi, I downloaded the camera2 example ( and when I try to run in release mode, I get the following error message: On first run, the window asking for permission appeared. But after that it just throws an error. I...
  15. ismael_hannecker

    Android Question Record a video with overlay

    Hi there everyone, I have to build a program that generates a video file with a chronometer on top of this. Right now I am drawing above the preview screen (I am using CamEx2 sample as base) but my output file, as you can image, have no overlay. I did read many topics in this forum about...
  16. E

    Android Question Barcode Detector Vision

    Hi, on android 4.2.2 i get from builder isOperation = False. This code was working fine before on this mobile phone. It is hard for me to pin point when it stoped working but could be when changing to newer targetSDK (after updating to new version of b4a and a lot of maven errors). Apperently...
  17. letsmoscow

    Android Question Webview with full permissions.

    Hello! How i can use webview as standart browser with all perrmissions? Need use html5 (camera, geoposition) and file uploading. It's a possible (SDK 28)? Any examples with all of this permissions (camera, geo, uploading in one :) ))? Excuese for my English.
  18. gezueb

    Android Question Camera picture size

    The code below takes a picture, saves and loads it back. However, the image after the code execution is not scaled as in the preview, it looks as if cropped and then resized to the view. Sub TakePicture Wait For(cam.FocusAndTakePicture(MyTaskIndex)) Complete (Data() As Byte)...
  19. Michael2150

    Android Question Camera permissions for webview

    Hi there I want to use a camera through a website through the webview, but there is no popup to allow camera use when loading the website. Any advice?
  20. DALB

    Android Question Camera fails takes just one shot

    hello, with the camera library I can take a picture, but if I live my Layout which is in a panel (but not leave the activity), when I want to take a new shot, the last toastMessage at the end of this code appears. Sub OpenCamera (front As Boolean) rp.CheckAndRequest(rp.PERMISSION_CAMERA)...