1. M

    B4R Tutorial ESP32 Camera Picture Capture and Video Streaming! (Updated with code!)

    Hello! Last December I made a request for support for the ESP32 Camera support. Well, I finally found the time to work on it myself and here's my initial attempt at implementing this with B4R. I'm using an ESP32CAM camera board with 4GB of PSRAM (like extended memory for the camera). I'm...
  2. walterf25

    Android Question JavaObject or Reflection Code

    Hi all, does anyone know how to write this code using either JavaObject or Reflection libraries, maybe both are needed? I'm not so good and don't really understand much how to use those two libraries, i've tried several things but none of them work try {...
  3. walterf25

    B4A Library EasyAR (Augmented Reality) Library

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce this Beta version of my B4AEasyAR Library, i have been trying to wrap an AR Library for some months now but have came across some issues while wrapping some of the functions. I read a post by someone about EasyAR, spent some time looking at the...
  4. peacemaker

    Android Question android AVD emulator camera

    Hi, All Possible to have something from the emulator AVD like camera and any photo from it ?
  5. KZero

    Android Question Camera frame bytes

    Hi, I'm looking for any available solutions to access the realtime camera frames (byte array) such as audio streamer and recorder
  6. walterf25

    Android Question Adding Opaque Overlay on top of Camera Preview

    Hi All, i would like to find out if it would be possible to add an opaque overlay over the camera preview, i have seen some apps where they have a small rectangle in the middle where the camera preview looks normal and everything else around it looks as if it has an opaque overlay, please check...
  7. walterf25

    Android Question CameraEx Show picture in Gallery

    Hi All, i need to show the image taken using CameraEx class in the gallery, I found the code below which i am implementing in the Camera1_PictureTaken function right after taking the picture, i remember this working just fine before, but for some reason it is no longer working, i thought maybe i...
  8. peacemaker

    Android Question Android 9: camera with switched off screen

    HI, All Does the subject looks fantastic ? Impossible to use camera class with switched screen off ? I have created the app controlling QR-codes, the screen is dimmed, but always on - battery is for 7-8 hours only. Any way for camera without screen ?
  9. S

    B4A Class Camera Intent, Picture and Video

    Hello, This is a class (clsCameraIntent) inspired by this thread. It adds Video support. One line of code in your activity to call the camera intent One Callback sub in your activity to get the dirame and filename of the picture/video taken/recorded Demo Project with class in zip attached SpSp
  10. GabrielQ

    Spanish Camara no se habilita luego de los permisos

    Buen dia ! tengo el siguiente codigo y no logro que, luego de instalada por primera vez la aplicacion e ingresar que le otorgo el permiso de usar la camara, quede esta habilitada, solo veo el panel. Si salgo y vuelvo a entrar, ahi la camara trabaja perfectamente. Estuve leyendo el orden de...
  11. peacemaker

    Android Question camera preview custom color palette

    HI, All How to apply to the camera's preview some custom palette of the limited colors qty ?
  12. youjunjer

    Android Question Heartbeat Detect by LED Flash Light and Back Camera

    Hi All, I have a project to detect heartbeat by LED Flash Light and back camera. There are many apps already in the google play market. Such as 1. 2...
  13. Vinians2006

    Android Question App stops when using camera

    My friends, I rarelly use foruns because I like to try to fix the problem but this time I tryed a lot and cannot discover whats causing this issue. My app uses zxing to read bar codes but its needs that user installs another app that reads the code and pass to my app. Now I want to read the...
  14. Rob Bliss

    Android Question "Attempt to get length of null array" on Camera Picture Sizes

    I haven't managed to replicate the error myself, however a user of mine has experienced it. He's tried to load the camera, and then it crashed with: "java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to get length of null array" which was caused by the bottom line. Sub Camera1_Ready (Success As Boolean)...
  15. M

    Android Question How to preserve FocusMode of a camera?

    I've created a TimeElapse widget which runs an activity in regular time intervals and this activity then takes a picture. A problem occured - with each call, the activity initialize the camera again and the default settings are set (focus, etc..) and the setting I created is lost. I need for...
  16. Javier Campo Martinez

    Android Question Camera lib : could i take a photo in portrait orientation?

    Greetings !!! I am using Camera library. I have an Activity with a Panel view, for the camera to be displayed. It seems that the activity must be in Landscape orientation to take a picture with this library. I changed programatically the activity orientation to "Landscape", but it does not take...
  17. M

    Wish ESP32 Camera Module Support

    I'm sure some of you have seen some of the youtube clips of the ESP32 Camera Module (if not you can check out a few here). The demos are intriguing and open up a world of possibilities. I have a project in mind to use an ESP32 and the Camera module triggered from a PIR sensor and snap a picture...
  18. DavideV

    B4A Class Torch class

    Hello, this is a simple B4A class to make easy the use of the built-in led of our beloved android devices. Tested on various devices up to android 8. The goal is to use the led as a Torch. The code is commented and comes with an example. It uses inline java and depends on: -Javaobject lib...
  19. peacemaker

    Android Question Barcode scanner and get camera's Bitmap

    HI, All Do we have any barcode scaning lib or class that together with the scanning allows to get Bitmap from camera ? For some extra analyzing.
  20. B

    Android Question snapshot to camera and UI

    Hi... I used opencv lib in one of my project to open camera and tracking a face. and added some ui (label, button) above the camera's panel. I wanna make a screenshot to the camera and the UI together I tried : Sub TakeScreenshot Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim decor As...