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  1. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Supabase - Supachat chat example app This is a simple B4X chat example with supabase as backend. Setup Supabase create table public."dt_Rooms" ( id bigint generated by default as identity, name text not null...
  2. Amirfk

    Share My Creation messanger app

    messanger app for support and tickets Send , receive : text , audio , picture Add group , chanell and other attributes ... $38 , for get (demo) , telegram is: @amirFk01
  3. D

    Android Question Cross platform chat layout audio messages

    Hello everyone, I am developing a chat that should support audio messages. But I can't imagine how to implement them in this code (seekbar instead of text). I did not find anything similar on the forum, perhaps someone has already implemented such functionality or can help me with advice Used...
  4. D

    Android Question message "disappear" behind the screen

    Hello, guys! I use this code from Erel to create a chat app. i faced the following problem if the word contains many characters without spaces, then they "disappear" behind the screen maybe someone...
  5. a6000000

    I want The MqttChat Example in [B4XPages] with runtime permissions

    I want The MqttChat Example in [B4XPages] with runtime permissions Mqtt Example 4 or more Modules: [Main] - [B4XMainPage maybe a start button to Layout1] - [PageLayout1] - [PageLayout2] -...
  6. M

    Android Question [B4X] Cross platform chat layout - Change B4XFloatTextField proprieties

    Hi everyone, i tried out the chat layout example from @Erel . I wanted to change the apperance of the B4XFloatTextField contained in the 1.bil layout file. I changed it's properties to look like this: But when i run the app it shows like so: a white rectangle. How can i set all the...