Android Question message "disappear" behind the screen

Hello, guys!
I use this code from Erel to create a chat app.
i faced the following problem if the word contains many characters without spaces, then they "disappear" behind the screen

maybe someone also ran into this problem and was able to solve it?
Hello, thanks)
on my device, maximum word size is 35 (+-) characters, but the device can be smaller than my device, ignore the situation if the word is longer than these "35" characters?
Maybe we need to wrap a word if it doesn't fit on the screen?
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One solution could be for you to process all long words and insert a zero-width space between all characters. That should make the overly long word break at correct position.

I have a vague memory that one can supply the BCTextEngine with a list of word-breaking characters, so you should also make sure that the zero-width space is in that list.

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