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  1. Myr0n

    Android Example [B4X] SwiftButton - Adding Click/LongClick event

    The next code add the funcionality in b4x to capture the click & longClick using Touch, in case of b4j add the option to fire the longClick using the Right Mouse Click or the secondary mouse button. - Unzip the file "XUI Views.b4xlib" - Look for the file "SwiftButton.bas" and open - Add the...

    Android Question Button Click with passing parameters

    Hello, I have a sub that fill a custom view with a product list. The _ItemClick event is handling perfectly his job , when we are clicking into the global item line, but : that product list (code below) have 2 kind of added buttons which have to launch (with button_Click) 2 differents script...
  3. R

    Android Question ACToolbar 3 vertical dots click event

    Using B4A. Trying to load a settings layout on clicking the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the ACToolbar. These dots (not sure what they are called now) if you tick Use as main action bar in the Designer. I can't find any event that tells me that the user has clicked these 3 dots. Any idea...