compile error

  1. M

    Android Question Error when compiling generated java code

    Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I try compile and run my program. He was working before some changes, but I can't find the problem and don't find any similar thread here. Apparently the function is receiving more arguments than should receive, but I don't know why either how fix it. Here...
  2. N

    iOS Question Compiling issues

    Hi there Yesterday I started having issues compiling an app that previously was compiling without issue. I had no problem compiling for most of yesterday until near 16:00 where I started getting this error appearing in the compilation window. any ideas on what the issue is?
  3. Multiverse app

    Wish Hotswap code with widget

    This has been bothering me for some time now. So almost all of my projects have widgets in them, and there is a very annoying thing that happens when I try to hot-swap the code (ctr+s) (when widgets are added to the home screen)- The compiler again tries to create the xml file of the widget...
  4. Kwame Twum

    Android Question [Solved] Compile Error: Uncaught translation error.

    Hello everyone, I opened up a project(targets API 24) and attempted to compile but it failed with an error. It compiled successfully the last time I opened it (12 days ago), and the resulting app from that last compile is even on the play store, so I know I haven't added any new library to...