Android Question [B4XPages] Upload files with WebView


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Hi everyone,
In my project I have a WebView that loads a webpage that has a "Choose File" button.
I took a look in the forum and i found this post: Upload files with WebView

However... the attached project works, but it's not b4xpages...
As soon as i take the code (and the manifest too) to put it in my project (B4Xpages) it does not work any more, fails compiling with this error in the Java part
src\xxx\xxx\ error: cannot find symbol
        processBA.raiseEventFromUI(this, "showfile_chooser", filePathCallback, fileChooserParams);
symbol:   variable processBA
location: class MyChromeClient

How can i solve the problem?
There is another approach to open the file chooser from a webview?

Thanks in advance


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Making 3 posts with the same question isn't the correct way to participate in the forum. I can't help like this. Sorry.
I'm sorry... I only wanted to answer to the people that had the same issue in the forum that i found during my research.
I didn't want to break some rule... and also sorry to the community in case i provided confusion
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