1. R

    Convert largish project from B4A to B4i

    Have a medical database app, based on a local SQLite database, written in B4A that I would like converted to B4i. I have no experience at all in B4i, so would like to get this done commercially. Is anybody in this forum interested in this? It is a largish project, having about 50000 lines of...
  2. Guenter Becker

    Android Question Image to/from CVS File

    Hello, I have 3 table columns named "ColA", ColB" and "ColC" where ColC is type BLOB and I like to store and read images in/from it. For a solution I like to export these table columns to a CVS File or import the CVS file values to the table columns. I know how to convert the image to a byte...
  3. Pendrush

    B4A Library PndFFmpegKit - FFmpeg Library

    FFmpegKit is a wrapper library that allows you to easily run FFmpeg/FFprobe commands in applications. It provides additional features on top of FFmpeg to enable platform specific resources, control how commands are executed and how the results are handled. Original library...
  4. A

    Android Question Convert a Class to a Library

    Hi all, I wrote a class and want to convert it to a library and use methods and processes that exist in. is there any way? i saw the tutorial of compiling project as a library an did it. but when i want to declare a variable of it , the IDE doesnt show anything.
  5. Pendrush

    B4J Library jMagicImage - Read exif and metadata data, convert, compress image, also some basic image filters

    Original libarary: jMagicImage is a B4j (wrapper) library for image processing. It can support many formats of images in Java programs and provide common functions to make adjustments to the image. After you finish adjusting your images, you can export...
  6. Pendrush

    B4A Library Convert/Compress Image - WebP, JPG, PNG

    Convert/Compress Image between different formats WebP, JPG, PNG.
  7. C

    Android Question Clarion date conversion

    Hi! I'm trying to convert a date from Clarion format (80328 02/12/2020) to a date in b4a. It's a kind of julian date, any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  8. sadeq.hitex

    Tool Hitex xHelper - Android package converter

    Hitex xHelper is a free simple tool to automatically convert old support to new androidx packages. you can convert and save easily by drag your xml or java files into the text area and drop it. for example if you type old support recyclerview package and click Convert To X , it changes to new...
  9. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4X and Compatibility

    Hello all, I noticed that in visual designer we have the option to add the views in the activities and B4XView, but I confess that for me it's not clear yet if I'll have advantages when translating a B4A app to B4i using that kind of approach... for example, I tried to reference the padding...
  10. Mashiane

    B4J Library SQLite 2 JavaScript / JSON

    Ola I needed to embed a sqlite db as part of a web app i'm working on, but as JavaScript / JSON. This app helps with converting your sqlite db to javascript. This is useful when one wants to use the data for READ ONLY purposes, my case in point. 1. Add the database that you want to be...
  11. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] convert seconds to ticks

    Sub convert_seconds2Ticks(seconds As Long) As Long seconds = seconds * DateTime.TicksPerSecond 'convert seconds to ticks! Return seconds End Sub
  12. E

    Bug? Error parsing string "-0" to float

    This code (2 lines of diagnosis hacks + 1 original problem line): Dim TempString As String = lblReading.Text Log("len = " & TempString.Length & ", str = [" & TempString & "] isnum = " & IsNumber(TempString)) Dim CurrentReading As Float = TempString '''lblReading.Text is producing...
  13. A

    Android Question Converting project from B4A V1.8 to V8.5

    I have corrected the errors in my friends project and it now compiles without errors but presume updating his project which was V1.8 to latest may be the reason when using the Bridge tool app (I installed latest version) it fails to install with the helpful error ”Application not Installed”. I...
  14. makis_best

    Other [Solved] Convert ticks to date

    Hi I read some dates from SQL Server.... and I save them to my SQLite database. The dates stored like that: /Date(1498856400000)/. Every record has a value like that. It is a correct format? I need to change it some how? After that I try to convert that value in my SQLite query but no luck...
  15. OliverA

    Android Code Snippet [B4X][XUI] Image to JPEG byte array with resize/quality options

    Originally posted a B4J/inline Java version of this in the B4J Code Snippets ( @Erel pointed out though that the XUI library had the functionality that I was doing with Java, so I decided to...
  16. OliverA

    B4J Code Snippet Image to JPEG byte array with resize/quality options

    Due to @Erel's comment below, I've rewritten this in pure B4X basic. The new version should work with B4A, B4J and B4i. New version (that should be used) can be found here ' Converts...
  17. H

    Android Question Convert Base64 String (VB.NET) to B4A Restore.

    Hello, I have a little problem, maybe who knows: I have a tool in VB.NET that converts a string value to a base64 string. VB.NET Code: Dim byt As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Thomas") Dim Base64 Base64= Convert.ToBase64String(byt) The Base64 Value is: VGhvbWFz Now I want to restore this...
  18. Sandman

    Games Pixelator - turn any image into fancy pixel-art

    Hi all, I know some people in the forum have mentioned that it's very difficult to produce art for games. I just found this app (not made with B4X), and thought that it might help somebody. Pixelator Examples:
  19. rleiman

    Android Question Converting integer values to ticks long value

    Hi Everyone, If I have 3 separate integer values representing a time such like: Dim intHours As Int = 10 Dim intMinutes As Int = 30 Dim IntSeconds As Int = 0 for the actual time of 10:30:00, can you tell me how to convert those 3 integers into a ticks long value so I can pass it to...