cross platform

  1. epiCode

    Android Question crossed with cross platform

    I've been struggling with this code for quite sometime in order to make it cross-platform compatible. b4j label as shown in B4XPagesCrossPlatformProjectsV2_1.pdf documentation is as follows: HERE all labels are shown to be compatible across platforms but in actual there are some properties...
  2. red30

    Android Question Getting images from the gallery. Cross-platform.

    Which way should I use to get images from gallery? I want the default gallery application to open when I click a button and I can select one or more photos and add them to the CustomListView. Is such a B4X code possible? To make it cross-platform. On iOS there is an iMedia library that will call...
  3. Lucas Siqueira

    Wish button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform

    Hello Erel, you have done an excellent job with B4X! When possible, include in B4A, B4I, B4J a button to create project [B4X] B4XPages - Cross platform, so for those who start in b4x it would be faster to start a project. Another suggestion is in the event B4XPages.AddPage (_, _) I could...
  4. Jack Cole

    iOS Tutorial ActivityClass: A cross-platform development class and strategy for b4i/b4a

    This is not an official tutorial and is just one option for developing cross platform apps with b4x. I have found it to work very well in creating cross platform apps that share their code base almost entirely. I have developed cross platform apps with other frameworks, but I am the most...
  5. N

    B4J Question Newbie Question: Creating a cross platform app

    Hi, I am new to B4X and am trying to build a desktop (Windows, Mac and Android), Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android (Phone and Tablet). I understand that I will need to create the UI in B4I, B4J and B4A but I will have lots of logic that needs to be shared between the different B4? products but...
  6. mcorbeel

    Android Question Cross platform code with B4XView

    I recently discovered B4XView and its possibilities to share code between platforms. Though this is a great improvement, I have 1 issue that I cannot solve with my knowledge of today. For Android I declare and initialize my controls in the activity, for iOS I do this in my page. Then I pass...