iOS Code Snippet [B4X] Custom Color Picker Bar (BitmapCreator)

Hi everyone I had the necessity to create a specific looking color picker.
And I managed to get it working properly so I want to share it because it can be usefult to someone who have the same need.

The color picker bar look like so:
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-11 at 15.02.30.jpeg

I realized it using all b4x elements, so it should be fully portable to B4A too (i didn't test it yet).

Would be awesome if someone could convert this whole "object" in a Custom View (XUI) in order to add it in the designer like any other object, and also have useful methods (like setting the cursor on a specific color.. by code), intialiazing things...
I am not still able to create them in a proper way (managing correct sizes, resizes etc..), so if someone want to evolve this small thing would be awesome.

I attached the example.


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