1. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight CustomListView

    Hello, i'm trying to calculate the keyboard with customlistview, i tryed this but without success. I did a code that works with panels and textfields or textviews inside a panel, when i tryed with...
  2. AKJammer

    Android Question Tag property in CustomListView ?

    I'm trying to get the name of the customlistview that is being accessed. Looking in the forum, storing the name in the tag seems to be the agreed method and I can see it in the designer. Problem is, there doesn't appear to be a tag property available at runtime. Was that an oversight or am...
  3. S

    Android Question Get text from Xcustomlistview - SQLite Database

    I created a Xcustom list view as shown in this thread, to get data i used SQLite database. To load the layout I used the following code as shown in the above thread, Sub Process_Globals...
  4. AKJammer

    Android Question Finding the type and name of a views parent

    Hey, Is there a way to find the type and name of a views parent? I'm using a couple CustomListViews in several tabs along with CLVSelections. When a user hits a button I can get the button info from Sender, but I'd like to be able to walk up and down the parent tree to find who hit it...
  5. M

    iOS Question CustomListView Remove item with animation

    hi everyone, i'm trying to achieve an cool effect when removing an item from a clv. i had a clv with some custom panels in it. each custom panel had a delete button. When the delte button is pressed I want the panel to exit from the screen animated, and all the item above scroll up to fill in...
  6. M

    Bug? xCustomListView ScrollToItem not working

    Hi, i'm trying to use the scrolltoitem function but when i call it, it doesn't show the last item totally. See how the last message isn't displayed totally
  7. M

    iOS Question CustomListView loaded layout can't be modified by code

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to adapt an example of a chat layout (android reference by @Douglas Farias) I want to change the property (width, height, position) of a panel in a customlistview (loaded with loadlayout). If I go step by step with the Debugger it seems to work, but as soon as it go on...
  8. aeric

    Android Question [Solved] CustomListView - Get item value

    From this tutorial: [B4X] [XUI] CustomListView - lazy loading / virtualization Type CardData (Title As String, Content As String, BitmapFile As String, Color As Int) 'new Color field Sub CLV1_ItemClick (Index As Int, Value As Object) UpdateItemColor(Index, Rnd(0xff000000, 0xffffffff)) End...
  9. D

    iOS Question Mutli Stacked Customlistviews

    I have been trying to solve this for a while. I have 6 customlistviews all stacked up on top of each other - each customlistview can have 10 or more labels. A slider selects which of the 6 customlistview is under focus. How best I can determine which label was clicked from which customlistview...
  10. D

    iOS Question CustomListView AddTextItem's text disappears

    I have a CustomListView to which I am adding a number of text items. When I load a background image my text disappears. How do I make the text Tone1, Tone2 etc to come to the front of the loaded image? In B4A I am able to set the background image and the text appears overlayed on the background...
  11. D

    Android Question Get Text from Customlist item

    I have this CustomListView that I populate with TextItems. Using GetValue, I can get the item number the user clicked on but how do I get the text? dim List1 As CustomListView List1.AddTextItem("Tone A",0) List1.AddTextItem("Tone B",1) List1.AddTextItem("Tone C",2)...
  12. Brandsum

    B4A Library [B4X][XUI] CLVIndexScroller - xCustomListView fast scrolling index view

    It's a class that adds a fast scrolling index view to xCustomListView. It has a dark and a light mode. You can show either alphabetic or numeric index and can change the index order. Dependencies: xCustomListView XUI / jXUI Note: CLV items must be in sorted order. CLV items should have a...
  13. C

    Android Question Custom List View how to Extract Edit.text Data?

    I have this Block of code Sub Find_items_customLSTview Dim i As Int Dim iv As ItemValue= CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.GetValue(i) Dim qtdeItems As Int For i=0 To CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.Size -1 qtdeItems = EditTextQTDECustomListView.Text...
  14. M

    Spanish Como recorrer un CustomListView

    Hola alguien me puede ayudar necesito recorrer el contenido de un CustomListView. Lo estoy intentado hacer de esta forma For i=0 To LV1.GetSize -1 Dim a As Int=LV1.GetValue(i) Next pero solo me obtiene un valor necesito obtener todos los valores que están dentro del listado. desde ya...
  15. C

    Custom List View duvida

    Boas pessoal, é a primeira vez que trabalho com o custom list view, e estou necessitando pegar os Index da CustomListView onde tiver o Valor da Quantidade > 0 tentei alguns metodos porem não obtive sucesso, alguem tem alguma solução ? Como a imagem descreve!
  16. Brandsum

    iOS Tutorial Add UIRefreshControl To CustomListView

    Original Tutorial by @narek adonts Create a standard class module (Let assume the name of the class is UIRefreshControl), Sub Class_Globals Private CSB As CSBuilder Private cb As Object Private en As String Private RefreshControl As NativeObject End Sub Public Sub...
  17. imbault

    Android Question CustomListView to JPG

    Let's take the xCustomListView Example : There are 2 CustomListView, how to get the full image of the tallest clv : clv2 and save it in a jpg file? Thanks
  18. Albert Kallal

    Android Question Value parameter of xCustomListView

    I just went through Erel's custom list view example here: I should watch more of these - they are actually helpful! - group hug for the "tiny" bit of info where it is explained the...
  19. LucaMs

    B4J Library [B4X] LM xCustomListView 1.73

    Some features added to the last Erel's xCustomListView (v. 1.71). As you know, it works on the three platforms (B4A, B4J, B4i). 'xCustomListView v1.73 LM ' Added MultipleSelection: ' Property MultipleSelection ' Property SelectedIndices ' Property SelectedValues '...
  20. R

    Bug? [SOLVED is not a bug] CustomListView's ScrollToItem function not working for me

    Hi, I'm trying to use CustomListView's ScrollToItem function to move the contents of the list to a new position. It is not working in the latest version of the CustomListView library. I have tested it in the example of the forum that uses the class instead of the library and in that case it...