Android Code Snippet Programaticaly suppress divider in customlistview

Hi everybody

I wasted time unsuccessfully to suppress divider seted in designer for customlistview : I wanted the last items to be without. And finally the solution is quite simple. As I am not the only one to search for, here are the 2 «magic» lines where clv is the name of your customlistview of course :
Annihilating divider:
... Just after having added a new item...
clv.GetPanel(clv.Size-1).Parent.Top    = clv.GetPanel(clv.Size-1).Parent.Top - 1dip
clv.GetPanel(clv.Size-1).Parent.Height = clv.GetPanel(clv.Size-1).Parent.Height + 1dip
Just change the value 1dip with the height of your divider set in designer