1. Mrphone

    Android Question Sliding menu

    hi :) I want to create a SlidingMenu that is not displayed on the screen. That is, it is displayed next to the screen. Just like Instagram Like the picture above 👆 I used the B4XDrawer, unfortunately, it appears on the screen. I don't want this, I want it to be displayed next to the screen...
  2. R

    iOS Question The B4X Drawer Menu and Apple's Notched Screen

    The B4X Drawer is a very attractive feature for deploying a menu. With iPhones which all now have tall & thin screen sizes in portrait you need to make the drawer not too wide otherwise there is the danger you will take up almost all of the screen width when the menu is in view. A bigger...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Material design drawer library

    Greetings, Can you point me to an updated material design drawer menu library? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeskay

    Android Question How to add footer in navigationview

    how to add footer text in drawer navigationview after menu at bottom
  5. mcqueccu

    Android Question B4X Drawer behaviour - click through. Is it normal?

    It happens that when the drawer is not fully covered with items, you can operate and click through it. Example video attached. Is it how its supposed to operate?
  6. Sgdva

    Android Question Second Drawer Action NavigationView Example

    Greetings! I have used this example under this thread and it's perfect! I just have one question, how could I do that the second drawer navigates to the tab as chosen? I have not figured how to call its life cycle