1. B

    Android Tutorial Compiling through Google Drive Filestream

    Hi, Last couple of days I have been testing compilation of B4A programs through Google Drive Filestream. Although it is a little bit slower it has a lot of advantages to do this: - your OpenJDK resides on Google Drive; - your Android SDK resides on Google Drive; - your B4A programs and...
  2. Duque

    Android Question Google Drive, BacKup

    Hello someone has an example to use google drive and backup copies. Threads that I have visited I do not...
  3. Shivito1

    B4J Question jshell net use command

    I have tried many different ways to accomplish this however to no avail. here is my code. Dim runit As Shell Private switches As List switches.Initialize switches.Add("/user:johns") switches.Add("password") runit.Initialize("net use J:",$"\\example\windows\share"$,switches) runit.RunSynchronous(-1)