Android Tutorial Compiling through Google Drive Filestream


Last couple of days I have been testing compilation of B4A programs through Google Drive Filestream. Although it is a little bit slower it has a lot of advantages to do this:

- your OpenJDK resides on Google Drive;
- your Android SDK resides on Google Drive;
- your B4A programs and additional libraries reside on Google Drive.

How to do it?

1. Copy all SDK files through Google Drive Filestream (default drive letter G:) into the cloud;
2. Put OpenJDK also on the same G: drive;
3. Put all your B4A programs on the G: drive too.

Then you need to change your build configuration paths in B4A under Tools | Configure Paths and point all to the G: drive.

Now open a B4A program and start compilation and it should work.

Why do I want to do this?
I work on multiple development machines and this makes it easier for me to have everything in one place. Having the most recent SDK centralized is also a plus for me.

Speed of course and you need enough storage.
I haven't tested it very extensive so I guess there will be more disadvantages.

Have fun!


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I have been testing a little more and probably it's faster to keep your Java files on a local drive, that speeds up stuff.

My extra B4A libs are in the cloud and I must say it works fine from within the B4A interface.


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I have always done this with Dropbox, I can move around and still work on my Apps, It has a slight problem as I can compile, and realise I have not done something so recompile and... Well some files are syncing, so cant be deleted or updated... But its a minor inconvenience.

Also look out for leaving the code open on one machine, then going to another and making a big update. Only to overwrite it with an old version!



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same here with dropbox for serveral (5+) years. only the sources and additional folders tho (and keys/prov.profiles for B4i).

one extra hint I can give... use relative paths for everything (when adding classes/module etc).
then it doesn't matter if it is located under c:\dropbox on one machine but c:\users\username\dropbox on another one.