1. J

    iOS Code Snippet RSA - Encryption and key generator (GPT-4 Experiment)

    Disclaimer: This post was written entirely with GPT-4 model Version: 0.1 Greetings, The absence of an RSA library in B4i, particularly for generating RSA key pairs and adjusting encryption key size, has been a personal challenge for me. Despite not being well-versed in Objective C, I was...
  2. toby

    Android Question Problems wtih RSA encrypt/decrypt between B4A and PHP

    I want to be able to encrypt some data in B4A and decrypt it with PHP on the server and vice versa. I use this online tool to generate the public and private keys. Both PHP and B4A use same keys and the test data is "this is a test". What I've achieved so far: 1. Encrypt and decrypt...
  3. toby

    Android Question Having trouble implementing mysql AES_Encrypt/Aes_Decrypt compatible functions

    I'm new to encryption, btw, and I want to be able to compare encrypted mysql data on the fly while executing a select query like SELECT * from myTable WHERE encrytedField=selectedEncryptedValue or SELECT * from myTable WHERE aes_decrypt(encrytedField, '123')=selectedValue Therefore I need...
  4. M

    Android Question Help implementing libsodium in b4a

    I want to use libsodium in my android application to create a secure connection between client and server. The huge advantages of libsodium in comparison to all other encryption libarys are features like password hashing and more modern high-level cryptographic tools . My main focus besides...

    Android Question EncodeBase64 for URL and Files

    Hello, Im using that kind of sub with StringUtils and B4XCipher library to encode some passwords : Sub EncryptText(text As String, password As String) As String Dim c As B4XCipher Dim su As StringUtils Return su.EncodeBase64(c.Encrypt(text.GetBytes("utf8"), password)) End Sub Sub...
  6. OliverA

    B4A Class [B4A/B4J] LockBox3 (Delphi) AES ECB/CBC encrypting / decrypting

    This class can be used decrypt data created with LockBox3 and encrypt data that will be properly handled by LockBox3. LockBox3 is an encryption/decryption library for Delphi. There are actually three classes, LB3AES, LB3AESECB and LB3AESCBC. The only class that is used to instantiate an object...