esp 8266

  1. moty22

    Share My Creation B4J App for ESP8266/32

    edited: connecting to www was added. B4J app for testing and setting ESP8266/32 using AT Commands. AT commands are used to test the module, set baud rate, check version, set RF power etc. The app also connects to a router. List of AT commands can be downloaded from here...
  2. Tayfur

    B4R Question Step Motor with A4988

    Hello Friends... I tried first time stepper motor. I used Wemoıs D1R1+ NEMA17 step motor + A4988 drver + 24V-2A powersupp. I connected like under below. Sample & Decuments its run with 400-430 RPM max.:cool: I used 2 method fro drive. Micros() counting DelayMicroseconds() But Result are...
  3. MohsenSaber2019

    Android Question Being stuck in PreferWifiRouting

    Hi All. I'm working on connection between ESP8266 and my B4A app. For a proper connection in perent of phone mobile data I should use PreferWifiRouting function that Erel presented here : Erel: If you are using Android 5+ then you can try this solution Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As...
  4. james_sgp

    Android Question MQTT between Android and ESP

    Hi, I`m trying to get the MQTT setup between an ESP board and B4A. I have tested the MQTT with Autodiscovery between two phones and works perfectly, however, I can`t get it to work with the ESP. The code on the ESP is waiting for topic and I don`t see how that is used in the B4A MQTT example?
  5. Chris160179

    B4R Question Use a type variable in another type variable

    Hello everybody, it seems it is not possible to use a type variable in another type variable. Like this: Type WLAN_Type (IP As String, SSID As String, Password As String, Chanel As Byte, BSSID As String) Type Settings(Resets As UInt, Summertime As Boolean, WLAN As WLAN_Type) Public...
  6. W

    Android Tutorial Hugo - ESP8266 4-button WiFi remote

    Not exactly a tutorial or Android-only, but a hint to the community for those who like playing with home automation stuff, and possibly for others as well. I happened across this very nice device (IMHO): and couldn't...
  7. Sgdva

    Android Question ESP32 Wifi Communication

    Greetings! Summary I would like to have an android interface to send commands to the ESP32 wifi module. For this purpose, I would need to make the board be connected to the Wifi desired by the user, secondly retrieve the IP assigned in the network and finally send commands by the Android...
  8. Chris160179

    Wish ESP8266 Audio MP3 decoder

    Hello everybody, I found a Project on git hub witch uses the esp8266 to Play / stream mp3 Audio. May be there is some one how translate this Project to a B4r Library:) Thank you
  9. E

    B4R Question ESP 12E Access Point Network Breaks with Windows 10

    Found Strange Behaviour with Windows 10....Working with ESP12E as Access Point Breaks the Network after running sometime.....but it works very good with Windows 7. Esp 12E/12F networks never breaks..I have tested it upto 8 hours several times...Why this happen with windows 10...plz help...ANY...
  10. C

    Android Question Wifi communication between 3 devices without router

    Hi, I have a system with 1 smartphone and 2 ESP8266 devices (see figure attached). I do not have router. Is It possible to implement a wifi network between these 3 devices? May be a Direct WiFi (or what else)? Each device has to talk with the other 2 devices. Is It possible without a router? If...
  11. A

    B4R Question OTA Update for ESP 8266 device

    Does Br4 have a method for updating an esp8266 device OTA, similar to