1. luki_c

    B4R Question ESP32 how to use BT with astream

    I'm writing an application where I receive/send data to esp32 I'm using esp idf for this and I ran into a problem. When I send data to esp32 with the command Public Sub SendMessage (msg As String) AStream.Write(msg.GetBytes("UTF8")) End Sub On the other side I couldn't read the data, so I...
  2. peacemaker

    B4R Code Snippet [ESP32] .bin merging and flashing

    It's all was for old B4R versions supporting only Arduino 1.x. Merging 3 .bin files from B4R Object\bin folder into a single firmware file "merged-flash.bin": Flashing "merged-flash.bin" file into the board via COM-port and esptool.exe: Merging: Forgotten to plug USB-cable from the board...
  3. josejad

    Other Wokwi: An Arduino, ESP32 y STM32 web simulator via Microsiervos (Spanish)
  4. M

    iOS Question BLE clear names cache

    Hi, I'm using an ESP32 to exchange data with iPhone over BLE... I changed the name of my device but the iPhone still uses the old name.... I read this thread, I tried restarting the iPhone but it still prints out the...
  5. M

    iOS Question BLE delay while sending fast data

    hi everyone, I've an ESP32 and I connect to it using BLE. I want to send data in a fast way to control a ws2812 RGB led strip... but seems to be not possible.. there is a sort of delay. Just for testing I modified the original BLE Example by Erel to add a slider. Take a look at the video, when...
  6. gaouser

    Android Question CompositeUSB

    Hi guys! Im thinking an app which I will call CompositeUSB. I finaly found my old OTG supporting android tablet (API 17 4.2.2) When I was using ESP32. I got an idea by using android tablet as tft. It will command like this ***serial begin*** #color P But I cant find any Examples to do put...
  7. E

    B4R Question How to Receive audiostreamer from example walkie talkie b4a on ESP8266

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how you could put an ESP8266 to receive audiostreamer over wifi from the example of the walkie talkie b4a, that is, put it only as a receiver. LINK My need...
  8. M

    Android Question BLE does not connect - Disconnected event triggered

    Hi everyone, I already used BLE in the past for other project without any problems, now i'm using it again after some time and nothing works :confused:. When i try to connect to a ble device it goes in timeout triggerint the Disconnected event because it couldnt connect. My ble device is a...
  9. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial AES256 encrypted BLE (ESP32 & B4A) example

    I took Erel's BLE example and added (as on the ESP32 side) AES256 encryption. For some reasons I wasn't able to use SPIFFS and/or WiFi parallel to BLE on the ESP32 side. Maybe you find a reason why this doesn't word (I understand WiFi & BLE using the same antenna, but SPIFFS should work but...
  10. RockSmoke

    Android Question SCAN CONNEDTED WiFi NETWORK

    Hello again everyone. How do I view the devices on the connected network? The device to be viewed must be connected to the same wifi network. Thanks in advance
  11. bahram1992

    Android Question Problem in Recieve Data from Bluetooth ESP32 in B4A

    Hi, im using a ESP32 Bluetooth to send a number. i use bluetooth serial in esp32 arduino to send number. I can received this number in serial bluetooth terminal app in my phone. I need just receive and show this number in android phone. Time between send number is minimum 2 seconds but its...
  12. RockSmoke

    Android Question BLE DOESN'T CONNECT TO ESP32

    Good day to everyone. I uploaded the BLE EXAMPLE to my phone. The application scans BLE devices, sees esp32 but does not connect. but apps in google play successfully connect. Does anyone have an idea. Thanks
  13. T

    B4R Tutorial Node-Red MQTT controlling 8+8 digital Inp-Out and I2C ADC on ESP32

    Hi Here a sample program to control/monitor 8+8 digital Out-Inp, plus an I2C ADC. The program use the MQTT protocol. This program is an evolution of the previous one I posted. This version add the monitor of 8 digital Input and four analog input read by ADC (ADS1115).
  14. M

    Android Question Very strange SLOWNESS in BLE writeData

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to send a 900KB file to an ESP32 via BLE. Assume that the code on the ESP32 is working because i tested it using a React WebApp running in the PC browser, that connects to it over BLE and send the files. Everything works fine. However... i managed to port the same...
  15. freedom2000

    Share My Creation cheap solar panel system (solar tracker + MPPT charger)

    Hi all, It's quite a long time since I posted something in this section ... Here is my latest creation, it's a cheap solar panel that I have mounted on a solar tracker system. Added to this is a MPPT controller which is itself controlled by a B4A app đź‘Ť It allows, data logging and...
  16. irhamnur00

    B4R Question ESP32 connected to Node-RED, but it can't receive a topic message input from the server

    I was just trying to make my first project with B4R. Also, I was a newbie in microcontroller programming. In this my first project, I make a dashboard in Node-RED to display a value from the ESP32 and to control the blue LED on ESP32. The value had been successfully sent, but until now the...
  17. M

    Wish ESPAsyncTCP library (multi client tcp server)

    Hi can anybody wrap this library. it make tcp server for multi client . b4r tcp server just can handle 1 client at the same time. thanks. Async TCP Library for ESP8266 Arduino Async TCP Library for ESP32 Arduino
  18. janderkan

    B4R Question Error after updating ESP32 boards

    My code is working fine using ESP32 boards version 1.0.6, but after upgrading to version 2.0.0 I get the following error when initializing second hardware serial port, E (64) uart: uart_set_pin(595): tx_io_num error ESP_ERROR_CHECK failed: esp_err_t 0xffffffff (ESP_FAIL) at 0x4008ba60 file...
  19. thetahsk

    B4R Library ESP32 Ping

    This is a B4R-ESP32 portation from Rename to rar and use winrar for decompression because rar attachment are not allowed. Sub Process_Globals Public Serial1 As Serial Private ping As ESP32Ping Private wifi As ESP8266WiFi End Sub...
  20. M

    B4R Question softwareserial on esp32

    hi i use softwareserial for esp32 but this error show. how can i fix it. or can any one wrap library. error was too character so i attach it.