1. KMatle

    Wish ESP32: AES & RSA encryption (C code attached)

    I've found examples in C but I'm not experienced with inline C. Could someone adapt these examples to usable inline code? RSA AES...
  2. janderkan

    B4R Code Snippet ESP32 hardware serials on TTGO Lora board

    Following these instructions you have access to the 3 hardware serials on an ESP32. Serial0 is connected to the USB interface. The default pins are Serial0 - RX: GPIO3 , TX: GPIO1 Serial1 - RX: GPIO9 , TX: GPIO10 Serial2 - RX: GPIO16 , TX: GPIO17 On a TTGO Lora board the GPIO 9,10,16,17 are...
  3. kolbe

    Bug? Memory leak with FileSytem?

    On the ESP32 the following code increases allocated RAM about 500 bytes each iteration until it runs out of RAM. Am I missing something? SKIP_B4RNEW doesn't make a difference. Library version is 1.10. #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True...
  4. W

    German ESP32 relaisshield

    Hallo, ich komme irgendwie nicht weiter. Ich versuche über einen ESP32 eine 4 Kanal Relaiskarte anzusteuern. B4A bringt die Schaltbuttons auf ein Smartphone. Hat das schon jemand gemacht?
  5. M

    Wish ESP32 Camera Module Support

    I'm sure some of you have seen some of the youtube clips of the ESP32 Camera Module (if not you can check out a few here). The demos are intriguing and open up a world of possibilities. I have a project in mind to use an ESP32 and the Camera module triggered from a PIR sensor and snap a picture...
  6. santook

    B4R Question How to develop ESP32 applications

    The Arduino IDE can only install one of the ESP32 or ESP8266. However, the ESP32 library of B4R depends on WIFI. H, and some of them depend on ESP8266WIFI. H. How do you make both ESP32 and ESP8266 compatible It is recommended that ESP32 be built separately
  7. T

    Wish WiFi - TCP/IP Library for ESP32

    The latest firmware for the ESP32/WROOM32 adds many new possibilities over the ESP8266. e.g. being able to specify DNS servers. Are there any plans to provide a library for this? I'd be happy to make a donation towards the development :) Thanks, M.
  8. Humberto

    B4R Question ESP32 serial comunication with bluetooth

    Can I communicate with cellphone through bluetooth with ESP32 ? It´s already implemented ? Thanks