1. Yafuhenk

    B4R Question [SOLVED] Error WiFiSSLSocket

    Since today I get an error when I want to connect to the Wi-Fi network. rESP8266WiFi.h:142:23: error: cannot declare field 'B4R::WiFiSSLSocket::client' to be of abstract type 'B4R::BufferedWiFiClient' I searched for the error and I found that it has been fixed in rESP8266WiFi version 1.55...
  2. E

    B4R Question How to Receive audiostreamer from example walkie talkie b4a on ESP8266

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how you could put an ESP8266 to receive audiostreamer over wifi from the example of the walkie talkie b4a, that is, put it only as a receiver. LINK My need...
  3. mzsoft

    B4R Question IR Remote & RC Switch libraries not work together

    hi . i used ir library for esp8266. and it was ok.and rc switch work correct. but when i used 2 library at the same time .if first init ir and then rc . rc work fine but ir not work. i think they use the same timer. please help. thanks
  4. M

    Wish ESPAsyncTCP library (multi client tcp server)

    Hi can anybody wrap this library. it make tcp server for multi client . b4r tcp server just can handle 1 client at the same time. thanks. Async TCP Library for ESP8266 Arduino Async TCP Library for ESP32 Arduino
  5. MohsenSaber2019

    Android Question B4A ResponseError. Reason: Machine is not on the network, Response:

    Hi All. i wrote an app that connects to my ESP8266 local web server. everythings is ok on Android 4.4.2 . But in Android 7+ i'm facing a boring problem! I have written a function (named NetCheck) whose function is to check the status of the network. If the connected network is not the network...
  6. S

    Italian B4R Esp8266 inserire dati in Database sqlite android

    C'è un modo per collegare un esp8266 al database sqlite in un cellulare? Vorrei inviare dei dati al cellulare tramite hotspot. Grazie
  7. Chris160179

    B4R Question save custom Type to GlobalStore

    Hello Everybody, I want to save custom type variables in a GlobalStore slot. I can compile and run my code, but when I try to log the saved IP address, the ESP8266 crashes. My code: #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True #StackBufferSize: 300 #End...
  8. Yasen

    B4R Question ESP8266 How to read the ADC value?

    Please help. I am trying to read the Analog value from AD0 of the ESP8266. So far not working must be? ADC.Initialize(6,ADC.MODE_INPUT) test=ADC.AnalogRead Tryed ESP.getVcc - gives strange result (native) Tryed system_adc_read() (native)
  9. B

    B4R Question ESP8266 RSSI for particular AP

    Anyone know if there is a way to get the RSSI value for a given link between the ESP8266 and some access point to which it is connected without having to do a whole network scan process? For example to be able to regularly check the connection strength to the router in a non onerous way
  10. Chris160179

    B4R Question ESP8266 connect to mySQL and copy to global variable

    Hello everybody, i need a little bit help. I know it is not the best idea to connect a ESP/Arduino to a SQL Database but i need this to reduce the complexity of my project. There are better and faster Solutions like this...
  11. james_sgp

    Android Question Multiple ESPs connecting to single Phone

    Hi, Im looking for some advice, i have an idea for a project where i will need to connect a number (let say 10, for now) ESP8266 modules to a B4A app running on an Android device? Ive been browsing the forum, n seeing alot of looking for opinions on best method. Data sent will be...
  12. Siam

    B4R Library rAdafruitNeoPixel (based on neopixel lib V1.3.1)

    Hello, i Have modified the rAdafruit Neopixel Library and added some new features (@Erel hope this is ok for you?) This Library is Based on V. 1.3.1 I Have test this Library with the ESP 8266 and i Hope it will work on other Platforms too! See the...
  13. Chris160179

    Wish ESP-07 Board in Board Selector

    Hello Erel, could you import the ESP8266 ESP-07 Board to the "Board Selector"? At this time there are ESP-12 an ESP-13 Boards an many other but no ESP-07. ESP8266 ESP-07: I have problems by setting up the "Generic ESP8266 Board" to use this with my ESP-07 board. THX
  14. janderkan

    B4R Question ESP8266 Reset WiFi settings

    There are a lot of post about it:
  15. M

    Wish MQTT Enhancement - Include BeginPublish,EndPublish,Write methods

    The B4R rMQTT library is based on the well known Arduino PubSubClient library written by Nick O'Leary. It's a subset of this library - with the most important/used methods wrapped. I do have a scenario that requires some of the additional methods to be wrapped as well. Specifically: boolean...
  16. M

    FreeRTOS - the small OS for ESP32 and ESP8266

    Having been away from micro-controllers for much of the year (my have things changed!), I will admit that I was puzzled by references to FreeRTOS and ESP32. I never payed much attention to it as when you compile a sketch in Arduino or a B4R program - *it just works*. I originally got started...
  17. santook

    B4R Library Watch Dog Timer For ESP8266

    For the ESP8266 watchdog, can be very simple to use. #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True #StackBufferSize: 300 #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be declared once when the application starts. 'Public variables can...
  18. E

    Share My Creation ESP Configurator Through Andriod App

    This is based on EREL Project ESP Configurator... Just I port the whole code into An App...You can download the Apk file from here or Download from PlayStore. It does not contain ad.Freely available...
  19. D

    B4R Question How to convert this code to read Serial.readString();

    Hi All, i have problem to convert this native arduino codes as shown below. my board based on wemos D1 R1 Thanks void loop() { if (Serial.available() > 0) { String incoming = Serial.readString(); if (incoming.indexOf("{")>=0 && incoming.indexOf("}")>=0) { Serial.flush()...
  20. rtek1000

    Android Question App 'Service Browser' finds the IP of ESP8266, how to do this with b4a?

    The Arduino IDE can find the IP address of the ESP8266 (mDNS:arduino) when it is programmed with OTA, but we also have ESP-LINK software, which allows the ESP8266 to work in transparent (TCP / IP-Serial) mode allowing reprogramming of microcontrollers like Atmega328 (Arduino UNO / Nano / Pro...