external storage

  1. R

    Android Question External Storage - Programmatic Access

    I have been asked to look at writing a utility for an Android Media Player running Android 6.0.1. For this task I need to read (read only) an external storage device which is a HDD that happens to be hot swappable. The fact that it is hot-swappable is not important to the task as the drive...
  2. Cebuvi

    Android Question [Solved] Save files with API >29

    Hello, I have developed an app that allows the user to generate and save pdf, jpg and xls files so that he can later access them and use them with other applications. For that I create a directory in DirExternal and access it through PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. With API 29 I had to add...
  3. S

    Android Question Save settings common across multiple applications

    I'm having a hard time grasping how to save settings that are shared by multiple applications. Like let's say I have a company that has 5 applications and I want my users to login to just one of them, but maintain login across all 5. I know how to process login. I know how to save a map to a...
  4. rgarnett1955

    Android Question Place sqLite DB on external storage (SD Card)

    Hi, I wish to use an sqlite db on a tablet's external sd card. The tablet is running Android Build version 6 with API Level (19 KiKat). I tried ExternalStorage.zip. I had to edit the manifest to a minimum of 19 to get it to install. It now installs and runs, but when I push the Pick Folder...