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    Android Question CallSubdelayed2 + Imagedownloader + 404 not found

    Hello, Im using that kind of script to download images from a website, with the standard ImageDownloader service : links.Initialize links.Put(IvMark, ImgUrl) CallSubDelayed2(ImageDownloader, "Download", links) it works great but unfortunately, some times the image dont always exists...
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    Android Question Version 8.5 Crashes when debugging, Release and Legacy Debug works

    Hi - I've spent several hours without finding the solution to this issue. I've used B4A about a year ago very successfully but have upgraded Laptop and have installed the latest B4A 8.50 I'm testing with the MyFirstProgram using source from \Booklets\Getting Started\SourceCode\MyFirstProgram\B4A...
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    Android Question Themes/Resource not found?

    Hi! Up to now, I didn't know, that this setting exists in manifest-file: CreateResourceFromFile() I only noticed it, since I'm getting an error during compilation for new projects, which I startet in B4A 8.0. Where can I get these themes? Following sitations: CreateResourceFromFile(Macro...