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    Share My Creation Real Decisions Loan/Mortgage App (with Escalation)

    Real Decisions Loan App There are loads of loan apps out there. Nevertheless, I decided to post new one because I couldn't find one that allows for escalation (increasing payments annually at a given rate). After all, if you receive a salary increase each year (I know, I know, the last few...
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    B4A Library Financial Functions

    I searched for a library of common Financial Functions, but came up blank (maybe there's already one there, but I couldn't find it). So, here's my version. I hope you find it useful. Function Description PresentValue Returns the total amount that a series of future payments is worth now...
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    Android Example Find a missing value using Approximation & Guesswork (Goal Seek)

    I have written a few Financial Calculators over the past couple of weeks, and one approach I've found extremely useful is Approximation and Guesswork. So I figured, why not share the approach with the forum, A) to hopefully inform and B) to see if anyone else has any other intriguing...