1. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation B4A 2 UI Kit

    UI Financial Mobile App āœØ Looking for an elegant and intuitive UI Kit to revolutionize your financial application? Look no further! I meticulously crafted this user interface kit to meet all your financial needs with ease. šŸŒŸ Display your financial data beautifully with attractive cards and...
  2. Col

    Share My Creation Real Decisions Loan/Mortgage App (with Escalation)

    Real Decisions Loan App There are loads of loan apps out there. Nevertheless, I decided to post new one because I couldn't find one that allows for escalation (increasing payments annually at a given rate). After all, if you receive a salary increase each year (I know, I know, the last few...
  3. Col

    B4A Library Financial Functions

    I searched for a library of common Financial Functions, but came up blank (maybe there's already one there, but I couldn't find it). So, here's my version. I hope you find it useful. Function Description PresentValue Returns the total amount that a series of future payments is worth now...
  4. Col

    Android Example Find a missing value using Approximation & Guesswork (Goal Seek)

    I have written a few Financial Calculators over the past couple of weeks, and one approach I've found extremely useful is Approximation and Guesswork. So I figured, why not share the approach with the forum, A) to hopefully inform and B) to see if anyone else has any other intriguing...