B4A Library Financial Functions

I searched for a library of common Financial Functions, but came up blank (maybe there's already one there, but I couldn't find it). So, here's my version. I hope you find it useful.

PresentValueReturns the total amount that a series of future payments is worth now
FutureValueReturns the future value of a series of regular payment amounts with a constant interest rate
RateOfReturnAnnuityReturns the Interest Rate percentage of a loan or investment
RateOfReturnLoanReturns the Annual Interest Rate percentage of a loan or investment
PaymentReturns the regular Payment Amount for a loan based on a constant interest rate
SimpleInterestReturns the Interest Amount earned on a loan or savings account where interest is not compounded (i.e. simple interest)
CompoundInterestReturns the Interest Amount on a loan or a deposit, where interest is earned on both the original amount and any interest already earned on that amount
NetPresentValueReturns the Present Value of an asset less the initial purchase price
NumberPeriodsNumber of payments required to pay off a loan

Also included is a small app that demonstrates how to use each function.

If you do find any issues, please let me know and I'll post an update.


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