firebase crashlytics

  1. M

    Android Question Crashlytics not work

    Hello, I followed the instructions on this page ( to implement Crashlytics in my application, but I am not receiving any error reports on the Google console.
  2. T

    Android Question Crashlytics How To Set Custom Key

    Hi all, I've upgrade b4a and firebase to the newer version to continue to receive crashlytics from my application even after 15 november 2020. I continue to receive crashlytics fine but without custom key. (Custom Key where set by a Crashlytics module that use fabric) Sub Class_Globals...
  3. Biswajit

    B4i Library Firebase Crashlytics

    This is a wrapper of Firebase Crashlytics library for B4i. I made this for @Jack Cole and he gave me permission to post this in forum to help other users. iFirebaseCrashlytics Author: @Biswajit Version: 2 Crashlytics Events: HasUnsentReports Functions: checkForUnsentReports Check for...