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    Android Question Firebase Push Notification - integration with ASP.NET

    Hi all. I want to integrate the Firebase Push Notification with my asp,net website. But from what I read so far is that the token generated by B4J GetTokenValue is valid for 1 hour only. So if I start B4J sending tool and copy the token string from there and use it in my this token will...
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    Android Question Firebase Push Notification

    Hi all In the tutorial I read that I need to enable the API v1 which I did and generate the new json file. So my question is - if I will generate the new private key json file how it will affect the application that is currently in Play market?
  3. Frank

    Android Example Push messages with Firebase and B4A: Some additional hints and a working example

    Hi, I played around with push notifications based on Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). I followed the tutorial at, which is excellent. Still, there are some open questions which I'd...
  4. G

    iOS Question B4I Push Notification to Specific Device

    Hello everyone! I am trying to send a notification (I am using firebase push notification), to a specific IOS device. In B4A I used "fm.Token", but this is not in B4I. Any idea? Thank you in Advance.
  5. G

    iOS Question Firebase Notification - Can I handle a notification?

    Hello everyone. I use Firebase Push Notification. In B4A, I can handle the notification. To be more specific, I can either show or I can choose to "reject" the notification. I am trying to handle the incoming notification in B4I, but when the notification arrives, then push is done immediately...
  6. G

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Problem Compile FireBase Push Notification App on my iPhone.

    Hello. I'm using Mac local builder. I followed step by step the tutorial "B4i - Push Notifications with Firebase". I want to run the app on my iPhone, and not on simulator. When I compile the app on simulator, I did not get any error. But when I compile the app on my iPhone, I get the...
  7. G

    iOS Question Firebase Push Notifications - Problem with Provisioning Profile

    Hello! I follow step by step Mr Erel's example with firebase push notification. I tried (more than 10 times), to create a provision profile, with no success. I created Identifier. Then, I created the certificate (I used certSigningRequest.csr, as I saw in the tutorial). But, when I tried to...
  8. A

    Android Question Firebase Cloud Messaging Push Notifications

    Hi all. My question is - does it have any limitation for a number of characters? Like SMS for example? Thanks
  9. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question FirebaseNotifications: B4i vs B4A

    I am in the final stage of converting my Android app to B4i (using XUI), and so far the process have been easier, quicker and more joyful than I had ever expected or even hoped for. I will write a post on that process soon. The last stage in the conversion process is Firebase push messages and...
  10. aaronk

    B4J Code Snippet [B4X] - Get subscribed Firebase Topics From Firebase

    The following code will help get the topics a firebase token is subscribed to. It will send a request to Firebase and ask for the reply. The reply is in a JSON file. Add the following code to your project, Add your Firebase project Key and Add the token, then call RequestTopics. Key Key can...
  11. Cadenzo

    Share My Creation Simple Message (using FirebaseNotifications) + Source Code

    This was my first test-App for Firebase Push Notifications and it is a easy way to chat over different topics/groups. The APK file was too big for uploading. You can download it here. Just open a new topic and share it with your friends. If questions or ideas, lets open this topic ;-)...