firebase realtimedatabase

  1. Claude Obiri Amadu

    Android Example [B4X] FirebaseFirestore - ChatApp Demo

    Happy New Year!!!! Here is a chat demo of FirebaseFirestore with Android, Windows & iOS
  2. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Firebase realtime database CRUD app with no library or API calls: the b4j version

    In relation to which is the Android version, this is the b4j version . The code could be requested by DM This video shows how it works
  3. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Firebase realtime database add entry without library or API Call(Code for $20)

    Hi, I managed to add an entry to a firebase realtime database without using a library or an API call. This method can also be used to update, delete, or find a record or entry in Firebase database. B4A has an efficient interface to do that. The trick is how to get it done. A video is attached...
  4. fabricio

    Wish Cloud Firestore

    Will we have integration as well as the other services in B4a?
  5. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question Help with Error DatabaseReference.Initialize en Firebase Realtimedatabase

    Hello, I am testing the example of Firebase Realtimedatabase and I have the following error, please can you help me, thanks in advance. Can you help me with the method : Initialize, which would be the correct parameters according to my structure. Dim ref As DatabaseReference...