1. P

    Android Question Firebase Auth if Success

    Hi Everyone, Newbie question here, I've set up an app, when booting i open main activity, then if firsttime i use Auth.Signinwithgoogle.. However when the popup comes up if i just click off it it goes away and you can still use the app... Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) 'Do not...
  2. A

    Android Question FirebaseUI issue

    Hi. I am trying to implement the FirebaseUI lib by DonManfred I followed all the steps but when i call for StartActivity of SignInIntentBuilder i get the following error...
  3. M

    Android Question Firebase notification arrives only with app running

    Hi everyone, i used this tutorials: In the second one @Erel shows that he kills all the app in...
  4. janderkan

    B4R Question Firebase FCM not working with ESP32 I am using B4R 3.0, Esp8266 2.5.2, Esp32 1.0.4 Using this example on the Esp8266 works fine. On the Esp32 the HttpJob/ParseResult function is not called. The data returned from Firebase in...
  5. Kevin Hartin

    Android Question #StartAtBoot: True doesnt seem to work

    I have a php web server that happily sends Firebase Push Notifications when a new record is created for a particular customer. These appear when the Android app has been started manually, allowing clients to know when there is something demanding their attention, as the clicking of the...
  6. M

    Android Question Firebase testlab as a feature for B4A

    I recently stumbled upon Firebase Testlab which provides virtual devices in the cloud where you can test your app for performance as well as other tests on a free plan (no cost). However if you want a customized test you would need to record a Robo Test Script using a tool that is only found in...
  7. L

    Android Question Problem with duplicate fcm message!

    Hello everyone! Problem with duplicate fcm message! I'm having problems with firebase cloud message, when I send message, I get two on mobile, one I sent and another as if it was automatic ... My version of b4a is the latest (9.50), FirebaseNotifications version is (1.21) ... On the firebase...
  8. Yeskay

    Android Question How to use FirebaseAds in my app

    anyone help me how to integrate firebase admob in my application. i tried several options described in the internet but i can't. my application always getting crash even after i added firebaseadmob lib 1.60 in my app. my application getting crashed after i added the following 1. in manifest i...
  9. D

    Android Question Problem with B4A Firebase tutorial

    Hi I have a problem with the B4A Firebase tutorial - When I attempt to compile the project I get the following report B4A Version: 9.30 Java Version: 11 Parsing code. (0.00s) Building folders structure. (0.03s) Compiling code. (0.08s) Compiling layouts code. (0.00s) Organizing...
  10. D

    iOS Question Firebase has stopped working.

    Hi Guys I have a iOS app which receives Firebase messages and in the last month it has stopped working. This is what I have tried. 1. I am using the latest version of B4i (v5.80) 2. The Android version of the App is still working ok. 3. Using the post...
  11. Marcos Alves

    Android Question GCM Exposed Key

    Hello all, recently I received an alert in Google Play Console panel for one of my B4A apps about the exposing of a GCM key . This app uses GCM/Firebase Lib and it's code is written according the recommendations given by @Erel in that library tutorial. (this...
  12. Marcus Araujo

    iOS Question [Solved] Build Failed - Firebase - Symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

    What does this mean? I am using hosted builder. My project includes Firebase Analytics, Auth and Notifications. MinVersion is set to 11. Full error code below.
  13. Jack Cole

    B4A Class FirebaseAdmob Native Ad Class

    Across the forum, there are pieces of code that you can put together to make native ads work. I put everything together into a class that saves me a lot of time, and hopefully you will find it helpful also. This example uses a pre-built layout and uses the Unified Native Ad for the type of...
  14. E

    Android Question Firebase push notifications not working on B4A 9.01.2 ?

    I get this error message when i run my firebase related app. Any help?? Logger connected to: Infinix Infinix-X600 --------- beginning of main *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter) Start ** ** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true ** ** Activity (main) Resume ** *** Service...
  15. P

    Android Question FirebaseAuth: is Email and Phone auth possible ?

    HI, All Email and Phone auth are possible in FireBase. Do we have lib\code to use ?
  16. P

    Android Question [Firebase ML-Vision lib]: usage of GraphicOverlay and other questions

    @DonManfred, thanks for the lib. 1) GraphicOverlay: somehow showing of the found texts can be disabled on GraphicOverlay ? 2) overlayBitmappathName: how this bitmap is practically used ? 3) Camera focusing: any control available ? Seems, the camera is working without periodical auto-focusing...
  17. KZero

    Android Question Firebase Auth, Facebook Key-Hash

    Hello, i'm trying to generate Key-Hash for Facebook but i'm getting this error Warning: The JKS keystore uses a proprietary format. It is recommended to migrate to PKCS12 which is an industry standard format using "keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore D:\Android\MyPSK.keystore -destkeystore...
  18. A

    Android Question Problem when referencing "Firebase Analytics" and "Firebase Notifications"

    Hello, I tried to add an option for Push Notifications to my throw Erel's video Explanation. When referencing the libraries "Firebase Analytics" and "Firebase Notifications", an error message had shown up. (When referencing "Firebase Analytics" the error was "Maven Article wasn't found...
  19. TIMX

    Android Question android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: String resource ID #0x0

    Please Help me. I have an error with firebase auth. *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter) Start ** ** Activity (main) Create, isFirst = true ** main_activity_create (java line: 345) android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: String resource ID #0x0 at...
  20. uniplan

    Android Question Icon app always show in status bar

    HI, i use firebase to send notification to app.Thi is my code to show thw notification: Dim n As Notification n.Initialize() n.Icon = "icon" n.SetInfo2(titolo_push,messaggio_push,id_notifica,Main) n.Notify(id_notifica) n.Vibrate=True...