1. M

    iOS Question Push not receive

    Hi, I Implemented push notifications in my app. used this tutorial It was working very well, but from today not receive any push. I delete all file and I did everything again from the beginning but not receive. Why?
  2. G

    iOS Question B4I Push Notification to Specific Device

    Hello everyone! I am trying to send a notification (I am using firebase push notification), to a specific IOS device. In B4A I used "fm.Token", but this is not in B4I. Any idea? Thank you in Advance.
  3. G

    Android Question B4A FireBase Push Notification to Specific Device - Get the Id

    Hello everyone! I am trying to send a notification (I am using firebase push notification), to a specific device. I found on forum, that I can do this using "fm.Token". But, how can I get this Id to send a notification specific to this device? Thank you in Advance.
  4. M

    What is the best way to send Exception? Firebase?

    Hi everyone, I've a question. Given an App that handles a Try Catch, what is the best method to send the Exception in order to see the details? Crashlytics is only good when the app actually crashes, but if the error is managed and I only want to see what the error was? How can I do...
  5. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Firebase Notifications Problem

    Hello all, It's been a long time since I started to use Firebase Notifications in my apps. I noticed recently that if the app is in background the notifications are arriving BUT the code in the event fm_MessageArrived isn't being ran. Only IF the app is onscreen the code runs! I really...
  6. P

    Android Question Problem with FirebaseMessaging

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting Firebase notifications working. On iOS I was able to do it without much issues, but on Android I'm at a loss. I followed the tutorial at but when I...
  7. 2SucresCelestin

    Android Question Firebase authentication with token

    I'm using Firebase's Realtime DB and wanted like with most of API WS authenticate through using API web token. I don't know at all why i get this error when i use the token. Thanks you all
  8. I

    Android Question File/Cloud Storage

    Hi All, We are working on an application that requires storing and retrieving files and images at/from the server. The access to the files must be restricted and only accessible using the application logic. In other words, We don’t want anyone with a link to the file to be able to download it...
  9. Biswajit

    B4A Library [NEW] Firebase RemoteConfig

    This is a wrapper of the Firebase RemoteConfig library for B4A. You can find the B4I version here. I made this for @tufanv and he gave me permission to post this in forum to help other users. FirebaseRemoteConfig Author: @Biswajit Version: 1.0 FirebaseRemoteConfig Events: Activated...
  10. W

    Android Question Manifest problem with exported components followed by a security investigation

    Hello everybody, some apps of mine have been reviewed by a security investigation. In the resulting report result that we have to 'Restrict access to exported components with appropriate permissions (xml)' In an other more detailed section of the report the quote is 'Implement permissions on...
  11. N

    Android Question A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x740078008d

    I am getting the crash mentioned in the title. It occurs quite often and randomly, only on Android 11. I have the tombstone file, which I paste below. But I can't debug it using ndk-stack, as there is something I am missing: when issuing the command: ndk-stack -sym...
  12. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Issue with updating variable from locked screen

    I'm having this frustrating problem with B4xPages. The issue is that I'm not able to change the value of a variable in the FirebaseMessaging service when I get a Push Notification while the phone is locked and the screen is off. I tried the phonewakestate lib to keep the phone state...
  13. S

    iOS Question Strange firebase behavior. Application_RemoteNotification is not called

    Strange firebase behavior. When I send a message from IOS using this code, Private Sub SendMessage(Topic As String, data As Map) Log("MyTopic ------------> "& Topic) Dim Job As HttpJob Job.Initialize("fcm", Me) Dim m As Map = CreateMap("to": $"/topics/${Topic}"$) If...
  14. M


    Hello everyone, I have a problem with firebase messaging, where the error happens on specific client devices. Here is an error presented in the Google Play ANR java.lang.ClassCastException: at ( at...
  15. S

    iOS Question Firebase notifications don't arrived

    Faced with such an interesting problem. I use firebase for chat app on andoid and ios. When I send a message from android, everything works well (the notification will be sent to both ios and android), but when I send a message from ios, it will only be sent to android and sub...

    Android Question Send Push Notification with Node.js

    Hello Everyone! I send push notification by Node.js it sent successfully and in b4a message successfully received! but message content is empty it's node.js code help me! @Erel @DonManfred
  17. D

    Android Question firebase notifications with time constraints

    Hello everybody :) I have a small question. I am using Firebase to send notifications, can I somehow limit them in time? For example send / receive message from 8 am to 8 pm? I will be glad to any answer best regards
  18. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Realizzare programma desktop che interagisca con Firebase Realtime Db

    Mi par di aver capito (spero tanto qualcuno mi smentisca) che volendo interfacciarsi da programma B4J con Firebase Realtime Db, scriverci sia possibile, mentre 'sentire' i cambiamenti non sia altrettanto facile, se non impossibile Dove per 'sentire' intendo un meccanismo ad eventi, e quindi...
  19. amorosik

    B4J Question How to make a 'monitor' for Firebase realtime Db?

    How to make a monitor on a pc, therefore in B4J, to display the current status of a Firebase db? A system that allows you 'to see' the events of new record creation, modification of existing record, record deletion A little bit what you see on the web when you connect to on the...
  20. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Firebase event viewer - come farlo su pc?

    Come fare per realizzare su pc, quindi in B4J, un monitor per visualizzare lo stato attuale di un db Firebase? Che 'senta' i cambiamenti che avvengono sul db stesso Un po' quello che si vede via web quando ci si collega su sul db desiderato, dove si vedono i dati che cambiano...