1. walterf25

    Android Question FireBase Messaging TokenID

    Hi All, i am working on a personal project i started a few years ago, I finally found some time to get somethings going but I am a little confused about a few things regarding FireBase Messaging TokenID. I have a B4J Non_UI application running in a google cloud virtual machine which receives...
  2. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Firebase Authentication

    Hello all, I'm trying to implement Firebase Authentication using this thread : But when the test app is starting I'm getting the error: *** Service (starter) Create *** Error...
  3. K

    Android Question Firebase admob Issue

    Hi All I am having an issue with my app. I am creating a simple B4x Page application, with one page [this has a couple of images and a button. there is also a panel which is the placeholder for the admob to display into. My app will install and run on my phone perfectly until I add...
  4. T

    Android Question FireBase Crashlytics console not receive event. Remains in state "waiting for comunication"

    Hi all, I've a problem with a firebase-crashlytics integration. I've followed all the steps but I can't figure why even sending an exception it can't communicate with console (console remains in state "waiting from communication"). From application log I can't see nothing wrong Is there a way...
  5. M

    iOS Question aps certificate expiring - what to do?

    Hi everyone, I’ve an app published on the store that receives notifications using firebase . I received an email from apple reminding me that the aps is about to expiring. What I’ve to do? The app will stop to receiving notification ? thanks in advance !
  6. Hadi57

    Android Question Malformed Manifest in uppercase characters in package name and Firebase services

    Hi everybody I used uppercase character in one of my published games, therefore I can’t use Firebase services (cloud messaging), I get INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED error message while compiling. As I have more than +5M installs in Google play I can’t change package name and release...
  7. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Push notifications for the App Store version

    I am about to create the first App Store release of my app. The app uses FirebaseNotifications. For this I have created a new explicit app identifier and a new production certificate and a new provision file as advised. But I am in doubt of the meaning of: What are these tokens? When sending...
  8. amorosik

    Wish Firebase Realtime for communications between smartphones, desktop PCs, iOt

    Use Firebase Realtime for communications between smartphones, desktop PCs, iOt I believe that Firebase Realtime is one of the best performing systems for communicating between PCs and external devices such as smartphones and embedded systems Several attempts have been made but there is still no...
  9. M

    iOS Question Firebase Messages does not trigger _RemoteNotification

    Hi everyone, today i opened a project that i had finished some month ago. In this project Firebase Messages was used. It Works now, the problem is that the sub "Application_RemoteNotification" does not trigger anymore when the app is open, but it show the banner in overlay, like if it is closed...
  10. amorosik

    B4J Question B4J + Firebase Realtime Db - any example of read/write?

    Can you tell me where to find a working example of read / write on Firebase Realtime using B4J?
  11. amorosik

    Android Question Firebase Realtime db - where to find code example of B4J + B4A ?

    Where can I find a simple example of sending/receiving from a B4J console, and receiving/sending from an Android program using Firebase Realtime db? I've tried several examples from DonManfred and Fredo's 2016 posts, but there are a gret variety of library version, I can't compile or get the...
  12. A

    Android Question [Solved] firebase image download problem

    Hi All, I have code to download the firebase image, and it was working well with the same code for two days, for some reason today I have started to receive errors, I have searched everywhere but can not find out what might be the problem. Sub DownloadAndSaveFile (Link As String) As...
  13. amorosik

    Italian [B4X] Mqtt vs Firebase Realtime vs notifiche push (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

    Per comunicare rapidamente da pc centrale a uno o piu' smartphone Android ho usato finora Firebase Realtime oppure le notifiche push Firebase Cloud Messaging Vedo che usando il sistema di messaggistica su server Mqtt sono realizzabili grossomodo le stesse funzionalita' Ci sarebbe pero' il...
  14. A

    Android Question Google Firebase messaging vulnerability allowed attackers to send push notifications to app users

    More than $30,000 has been awarded for the discovery of a security issue that allowed attackers to send mass notifications to Android users. The bug, which impacted mobile applications that were developed on Google’s Firebase platform, enabled attackers to send push notifications to all app...
  15. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoFireStoreDB] - A CRUD Cloud FireStoreDB Wrap for BANano

    Ola Download Yesterday I started playing around Google FireStore. This is things I learned. So, you need to log to the console and do the initial setup. There is a Realtime Database (FireBase) and there is a Cloud FireStore. This is about the latter. Here is a very simplified method of...
  16. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Library [B4X] Firebase Auth REST API

    Not all API commands I have implemented and tested, if you have problems, then ask in the comments or in a new thread. With this class you can register and log in your users via email and password. And a lot more... Setup: put your API Key in the Class_Globals Private const API_KEY As String...
  17. Android_h2135

    Android Question B4A and Firebase.

    Hi. How can I connect the B4A and the Realtime database(Firebase) ? Send and receive my information to the Realtime database. please guide me...
  18. M

    Android Question Push Notification (Firebase) Not showing on some smartphones

    Hi everyone, i recently distributed an app that includes push notification. the notifications are locally created with the NB6 class. Unfortunately i‘ve got some feedbacks from my user saying that they are not receiving the notifications. I asked them what phone they are using: 90% Huawei, and...
  19. Lyndon Bermoy

    Android Question Test ads can show but real ads don't using Firebase Admobs

    Hi. When I'm using the Test AdUnitID everything works fine and I see the test ad. But when I put my own AdUnitID using, the ads just don't show.
  20. Lyndon Bermoy

    Android Question Maven Artifact not found:

    Hi everyone, I am developing an app with adds so that I can monetize it in Google Playstore since I am broke due to covid-19. I followed all the tutorial based on Firebase admobs. But I encounter an error from opening the b4a file which says Maven Artifact not found...