1. Roldanx

    Android Question Firestore ApI Rest with Where and Order By

    I need to do a search in Firestore ApI Rest with Where and Order By and I don't know and there is still a problem, this Get only returns 20 documents Help me... how to search with Where and Order by Public Sub GetCollection(Collection As String) As ResumableSub Dim link As String =...
  2. T

    Java Question Firebase Firestore Lib Not Found

    I want to use Firebase Firestore Library. I see firestore lib post But i don't see any attachent. So if you have, show me please..
  3. Dave O

    Android Question FireStore library - status and cost?

    Hi all, I've been looking at FireStore as a way of letting my users share their app data across devices and user accounts. I'd prefer not to have to manage my own server as required by CloudKVS. For the Cloud Firestore library by @DonManfred , any feedback on how well it's working for others...
  4. peacemaker

    Android Question [Firestore lib] CollectionReference is not inited

    Hi, @DonManfred Lib is v.0.59. DB has the collection "users", but cannot get. Dim users As CollectionReference = fs.collection("users", "") users.limit(10).fetch("UserFetch") This is in your example, no error - but no records from db (exists 1). Dim users As CollectionReference =...
  5. peacemaker

    Android Question [Firestore lib] java.lang.RuntimeException: Method: getSize not found in: java.lang.Boolean

    Hi, Don (i guess, only you can reply for this in your lib) Lib is v.0.59. My database is, sure, without "drivers" collection, so Log($"Driver_Snapshot(${snap.Size},${snap})"$) this line (snap.Size) in your example gives error: Maybe should it return zero ? Other methods of such "empty"...
  6. Multiverse app

    Cloud Firestore has graduated out of beta