1. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4J Tutorial [B4X] FirebaseFirestore - Customer Support Chat Demo

    Here is a customer support chat demo of FirebaseFirestore for B4J It listens to Chats Chat Products Sales Customers You can further add notifications
  2. Claude Obiri Amadu

    Android Example [B4X] FirebaseFirestore - ChatApp Demo

    Happy New Year!!!! Here is a chat demo of FirebaseFirestore with Android, Windows & iOS
  3. Oregon

    Android Question FirebaseFirestore help.

    Good afternoon. I'm trying to use a library FirebaseFirestore. Tell me (preferably with screenshots) how to get a token for work? )
  4. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4A Library [B4X] FirebaseFirestore

    Good day & evening This is a Firestore Library I've been perfecting since late last year since most of my projects I use Firebase. I used Firebase REST APIs and made it Look, Feel & Work like the original. Does not conflict with other Firebase Libraries Works the same way as...
  5. Claude Obiri Amadu

    B4A Library FirebaseAdmin Library

    I learnt Java in the past few months to build this library to get real-time updates from Firestore. The Library has 5 classes: Firebase Firestore ListenerRegistration Query Filter Except RealtimeDatabase (Coming soon) firebase-adminsdk.json(Service account file) from your Firebase console in...
  6. Dave O

    Android Question FireStore library - status and cost?

    Hi all, I've been looking at FireStore as a way of letting my users share their app data across devices and user accounts. I'd prefer not to have to manage my own server as required by CloudKVS. For the Cloud Firestore library by @DonManfred , any feedback on how well it's working for others...
  7. peacemaker

    Android Question [Firestore lib] CollectionReference is not inited

    Hi, @DonManfred Lib is v.0.59. DB has the collection "users", but cannot get. Dim users As CollectionReference = fs.collection("users", "") users.limit(10).fetch("UserFetch") This is in your example, no error - but no records from db (exists 1). Dim users As CollectionReference =...
  8. peacemaker

    Android Question [Firestore lib] java.lang.RuntimeException: Method: getSize not found in: java.lang.Boolean

    Hi, Don (i guess, only you can reply for this in your lib) Lib is v.0.59. My database is, sure, without "drivers" collection, so Log($"Driver_Snapshot(${snap.Size},${snap})"$) this line (snap.Size) in your example gives error: Maybe should it return zero ? Other methods of such "empty"...
  9. Multiverse app

    Cloud Firestore has graduated out of beta