1. rtek1000

    B4J Tutorial Maximize, minimize, restore and full screen (programmatically)

    Based on this post and in other internet searches: (Attached sample project) #Region Project Attributes #MainFormWidth: 600 #MainFormHeight: 600 #End Region Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private xui As XUI Private Button1 As B4XView...
  2. M

    iOS Question Hide TabController in one page (full screen) and display in others

    Hi everyone. I structred my app like so: - Splashscreen (where I test the internet connection) - Login Page - Home Page I would like to use TabBarController (i already did other post in order to understand how to use this thing), but i need it only in Home Page. In splashscreen and Login Page...
  3. SayCheese

    Android Question preferencedialog fullscre

    I want the B4Xpreferencedialog fullscreen and without borders. 100%x/y doesn't seem to do the trick I still can see a little line/border on the top and right which doesn't appear on the left and bottom. It also seems that the 'ok' and 'cancel' buttontextcolor can't be changed. It this correct...
  4. Brandsum

    Android Tutorial Immersive Mode with Notch area support

    Original tutorial: Immersive Mode - hide the navigation bar (by @Erel ) So the above tutorial works for those devices which do not have a Notch. Devices with a notch will crop the bottom of the application content. Solution (Project attached): Add this code to GetRealSize sub of the original...
  5. Shivito1

    Android Question Exoplayer Full screen

    I found the following https://geoffledak.com/blog/2017/09/11/how-to-add-a-fullscreen-toggle-button-to-exoplayer-in-android/ I opened the ExoPlayer.xml and can not find the tags specified in the instructions from the geoffledak sites instructions. ................... Update question I need to...
  6. M

    Android Question Extra Exo Player features

    Hello, We are using Exo Player for a video music application but we have problem in using some features like fullscreen , repeat , select quality (or autmatically detect the best quality with users internet speed) , and how to get buffer size ? I appreciate any help.