1. R

    Games sound pool alternatives?

    What's the best way to play sound fx? I keep having issues with soundpool and am wondering if there are any alternatives. I got rid of the stuttering frame rate it was causing by putting it in an audio handler on its own thread, but I still get some crunchy problems playing too many sounds...
  2. WebbyBoy

    Games Vertical scrolling game (some advice / direction wanted).

    Hi All, I'm thinking of creating a vertical scrolling game, where the object you control is constantly falling & will bounce off various things & make them disappear. Kind of like a reverse Tetris I suppose. I've been looking into various methods to present this, but I'm really only a...
  3. andymc

    Should I try to go full-time game dev?

    I'm stuck. I'm making a nice side income from mobile games I've written with B4A, mostly from one game, my Space Invaders clone. It's about 1/6 of what I'd need to go full time and quit my day job. My day job is working in a large company as a Cloud Devops engineer, using Azure. I'm learning...