1. LucaMs

    B4J Code Snippet [Tool] Property generator (not only for B4J, of course)

    UPDATED. Read from Erel's post (#3)
  2. Mashiane

    Other EasyCSS:

    Hi Well, I wish I could have found this a very long long long time ago. If you are a web / app developer, you will surely enjoy this. Create and export your CSS with ease. Wow. Ta!
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Code Snippet Creating a Random Dummy Data Generator

    Ola So I am am working on my Mock app, after getting some of my list running as per discussion here, I managed to have some consensus of some doable things.. What happens is that a data structure is first defined, this will contain the field names and the dummy data types. Somewhere there...
  4. wonder

    Android Tutorial How to fix the multiple native libraries problem

    Error: It might happen that, when combining multiple native (JNI) libraries, your Android app will crash with an UnsatisfiedLinkError. Why does this happen? Well long-story-short, your libraries differ from each other in terms of ABIs (target CPU architecture). For a detailed explanation...