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  1. Dave O

    Android Question Google Drive API 3 - expired permissions?

    Short version: When using Google Drive via API 3, do I need to explicitly handle the case where the app no longer has the Google Drive access permission that the user originally granted it (because it expired)? Long version: I've been using the GoogleDrive API (created by @mw71 and updated by...
  2. I

    Android Question File/Cloud Storage

    Hi All, We are working on an application that requires storing and retrieving files and images at/from the server. The access to the files must be restricted and only accessible using the application logic. In other words, We don’t want anyone with a link to the file to be able to download it...
  3. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Upload/Download files Google Drive or other cloud

    Hi everyone, Is it possibile with B4X (iOS and Android), to upload and download files with google drive? Is not mandatory google drive, also another cloud. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dave O

    Android Question different checksums on local file vs. same file uploaded to Google Drive?

    Hi all, Why am I getting different MD5 checksums on a local data file vs. the same file uploaded to Google Drive? Long version: I'm using the Google Drive API to upload backups of my app's data files. I only want to upload a file if it's actually different from the existing Google version, so...
  5. Dave O

    Android Question Automatic backup - timing?

    Hi all, If my app does an automatic backup to the cloud, what's the best timing to run the backup process? Long version: I'm adding an automatic backup to some of my apps (so that users can restore later if data gets corrupted or if they just want to revert to an earlier state). The backup...
  6. peacemaker

    Android Question Google Drive API: MD5 hash of files to synchronize

    HI, All Anyone tried to implement ?
  7. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet Use Google Drive as a backup solution

    This more a suggestion/idea than a real snippet or other code. If you have installed Google Drive on the PC where you are running your B4J-App (I use B4J as a inhouse server solution with SQlite) it has just a simple folder which you can use like we know it. Just copy backup files to this...
  8. Duque

    Spanish Backup Google Drive

    Hola amigos. Ya tengo el ojo cuadrado de leer y buscar una forma de usar google drive para hacer una copia de seguridad de una BD importante de mi app y que lógicamente también pueda restaurarla. alguna noble alma que comparta su experiencia con b4a y google drive ya vi este hilo también he...
  9. J

    Android Question Download File From Link

    Hi all. I'm having trouble downloading a file from a link (Google Drive and Dropbox shareable link) from my app. Code says Success but the file downloaded is corrupted and unusable. This is with OKHttpUtils2 j.Initialize("job", Me) j.Download(modMain.shareableLinkGD) 'or...