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  1. carlos7000

    Spanish No se puede encontrar: slf4j-android-1.6.1-rc1.jar

    Hola a todos. Estaba actualizando una vieja aplicación y al compilarla me aparece este mensaje: Cual puede ser la causa? Encontré algo de información aquí: pero ninguno de los links funciona. Saludos.
  2. victormedranop

    Android Question XcustomeListview and Maps Fragment

    Hi, all. i am trying to make a card view with different maps fragment with different locations. trying to but with no luck, if someone point me in the right directin. thanks, Victor Private Sub CreateItem(Width As Int, Title As String, Image As String, Content As String) As Panel Dim p...
  3. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Google Maps shortest distance

    Hello All, Is there any way, from Google Maps library, or using other method, to get the shortest distance from two points Distance by road and not direct (strait line) distance ? thanks
  4. R

    Android Question Google Maps - Location Sharing

    The standard Google Maps App provides a facility to share your position with a third party by reference to their email address. Is it possible to emulate this function in code using the API, substituting a manipulated position?
  5. F

    B4J Question Google Maps webApp

    Hi friends, need your help. I need to work with google maps from B4J in server mode. Does anyone know a library or know how to do it? Bye, thanks
  6. Michael2150

    Android Question How safe is my API keys?

    So I followed the instructions in this post here and integrated google maps into my application. In that tutorial it says you should put your API key in the manifest editor like this. AddApplicationText( <meta-data android:name=""...

    Android Question Migrating to B4xpages Google Maps

    Good night, I'm migrating to B4x pages and I can't display the location on Google maps. Can someone help me. The Application is stopped on the line **Wait For MapFragment1_Ready*** Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1 'load the layout to Root...
  8. M

    Android Question Hand Draw on Google Maps

    Hi everyone, i never done something like this, so i ask to understand if this is possibile. I need to draw an area on a Map (google maps): It's possibile to draw directly moving the finger on the screen and "convert" this spline in a list of point to give to google maps? I know that this isn't...
  9. R

    Android Question Google Map - Suppressing Google 'Maps & Directions' Icons [Solved]

    In an implementation of Google Maps with satellite view I am showing several bitmap markers that have snippets that open when tapped. When the snippet is opened two Google icons, a blue arrow and maps icon appear in the bottom RH corner. If clicked they take the user out of the app to the...
  10. Robioptic

    B4A - coder/programmer needed

    B4A - coder needed- Have an urgent job to do- Google maps GPS- WiFi- Bluetooth coding. Anyone interested pls contact me with your fees and ability-outline to work on this project on : [email protected] :) Thanks Rob -o-o-
  11. H

    Android Code Snippet Google MAPS problem in android 28

    I have updated my app to target android sdk 28 and I'm using google maps 17 On old devices my app works fine, but in android 9 google maps doesn't work, I got this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lorg/apache/http/ProtocolVersion; I googling for the causes, All...
  12. J

    Android Question Thousands of markers ...

    Hi, I have about 13,000 records in a table. What is the best way to create them as markers without slowing down the application? Related to this, would it be better to create only markers in the visible part of the map and when you have a certain zoom? Is this posible? Thanks in advance!
  13. A

    Share My Creation Gps based Sports Tracker App

    This is my Gps sports tracking App. I started this project 10 months ago without previous android programming experience. I started the project with B4a 8.3 then I moved to B4a 9.3. With the great help of this forum, I can now say that the first version is finished. Further improvements of the...
  14. J

    B4J Question How to save a Google Map polygon in SQLite table? (Solved)

    Hello, is it possible to provide a name to each created polygon (such as "area 1", "area 2" ...) and save it in a SQLite table to be able to redraw them if the program is closed? Thanks in advance!!
  15. A

    Android Question Open some app's feature

    Hello, I need to the user to do something on another app (for example google maps), I don't want the user to go to the app, click on an option. set parameters and submit - I need to automatically open the app for the user, get and set the parameters, and the user will be only need to submit...
  16. A

    Android Question Live location of user

    Hello, I just discovered an option for anyone to share his live realtime location with google maps app Does anybody know if there is an option to get the user only to accept the location sharing(so the user don't...
  17. A

    Android Question Google maps overzooming

    Hello, looking for overzooming (> 21) in google maps. is there any solution ? Kind regards... Volker
  18. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question Google maps API Key

    Hello All, Two questions. first, where do we enter the Google maps API Key in B4J code ? Second, is the API key paid for ? Regards
  19. Richard Goh

    Android Question Google Maps Example Works On Debug But Crashed On Direct Run

    Hi, I have a very weird behavior on this Google Maps example program This example is working in debugging mode with stepping through the code. But it's will crash when I direct run without step into the...
  20. carlos7000

    Spanish Mapa de Google Maps, no funciona en modo Release.

    Hola a todos. Estoy tratando de crear una sencilla aplicación que muestre un mapa de Google maps. Seguí todas las instrucciones de que encontré en Casi siempre al crear un programa lo voy probando en modo Debug. Eso hice con este...