1. Simon9410 | Cuba

    Android Question Help, .keystore password was incorrect

    saludos, tengo un problema con mi .Keystore, me dice que la contraseña es incorrecta, intente con una copia de seguridad que tengo de el archivo y dice lo mismo, recurri a una captura que tengo guardada con la contraseña para casos como este y sigue diciendo lo mismo.. que puedo hacer ? 🥲...
  2. demun

    Android Question Need Help For Solving AndroidManifest.xml File

    Hello, I Built An App Using Kodular. I'm Facing A Problem And I'm Trying To Solve This For The Past 8 Days. I Implemented Offerwall In My App Using Enhance Extension. The Problem Is, Every Time The Enhancing Completes A Line 'com.google.android.gms.vesion' Repeating Twice In My App...
  3. C

    iOS Question [NEW User]

    Help! I just purchased B4i and received the email to download. I am very new to this and have little knowledge about programming, and I need help in setting B4i up. So far, I have downloaded the B4iBuildServer ZIP file. When I click the B4iBuildServer.jar, nothing happens. Where am I supposed...