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I just purchased B4i and received the email to download. I am very new to this and have little knowledge about programming, and I need help in setting B4i up. So far, I have downloaded the B4iBuildServer ZIP file. When I click the B4iBuildServer.jar, nothing happens. Where am I supposed to input my email address when I can't run it? For your reference, I am using my Macbook to download/set it up. Do I need to install XCode to open it?

Tips would be greatly appreciated. I hope someone can let me know what to do next. I also sent an email to support but I'm afraid it might take a while to get a response.

Thank you!

C. A.


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Please read this guide:

Do I need to install XCode to open it?
Yes, as explained in above link, you need to install XCode in macOS to compile your app.

You need to run B4iBuildServer.jar from macOS terminal and connect B4i from Windows to the macOS IP address.

Please find the link to download B4i.exe from the email and install it in Windows.
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