Android Question Help, .keystore password was incorrect

saludos, tengo un problema con mi .Keystore, me dice que la contraseña es incorrecta, intente con una copia de seguridad que tengo de el archivo y dice lo mismo, recurri a una captura que tengo guardada con la contraseña para casos como este y sigue diciendo lo mismo.. que puedo hacer ? 🥲

Greetings, I have a problem with my .Keystore, it tells me that the password is incorrect, I tried a backup copy that I have of the file and it says the same thing, I resorted to a screenshot that I have saved with the password for cases like this and it continues Saying the same thing, what can I do?🥲
I can't say anything. If it says that the password is incorrect then it is incorrect.
What creates doubts is that after the capture, where the explicit password is seen because b4a does not hide it, I sign my app thousands of times, unmount it from b4a and when I try to put it back, error.
note: it is the only key that I have used, since I started using b4a
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