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    Android Tutorial Controlling Sonoff S20 smart power plugs [B4X] [Home Automation]

    Tested with both B4A and B4J - see https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/controlling-sonoff-s20-smart-power-plugs-b4x-home-automation.125768/
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    B4J Tutorial Controlling Sonoff S20 smart power plugs [B4X] [Home Automation]

    Hi gang, Here's how I got the Sonoff S20 to work with B4X. As the standard firmware doesn't come with an API and I wasn't successful trying to translate pySONOFF to B4X, I went down another path which was more than worth the effort of looking things up and ordering a bit of additional low-cost...
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    Android Tutorial Hugo - ESP8266 4-button WiFi remote

    Not exactly a tutorial or Android-only, but a hint to the community for those who like playing with home automation stuff, and possibly for others as well. I happened across this very nice device (IMHO): https://www.tindie.com/products/nicethings/hugo-esp8266-4-button-wifi-remote/ and couldn't...
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    B4J Tutorial Raspbee - RPi Zigbee home automation with B4X

    Introduction: The Raspbee (or Conbee, which is the USB version - the information here will only refer to the Raspbee) from Dresden Elektronik (https://shop.dresden-elektronik.de/raspbee.html, also available elsewhere, e.g. on Amazon) is a Zigbee (https://www.zigbee.org/) radio board for the...
  5. janderkan

    B4R Library rRCSwitch library

    This is a wrapper for RCSwitch library. https://github.com/sui77/rc-switch Receive from or operate 433/315 MHz remote radio controlled devices. Tested with Uno, Mega and Wemos D1. Installation steps: Go to Arduino Select Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries In Library manager, search...