1. A

    Android Question Problem sending text to server in trage sdk higher than 26

    Hi, when I put the trage sdk from the manifest to more than 26, I can not send anything to the server via httpjob with the poststring. I also added the following code to the manifest but it did not work: SetApplicationAttribute(android:usesCleartextTraffic, "true") What is the solution to this...
  2. A

    Android Question connect to mobile connection for HTTPJob while connected to ESP8266

    I replied to an exisiting thread but knowing this forum, it is better to start a new thread. I have an ESP8266 connected to the Wifi port of the telephone. This ESP8266 does not have an internet connection... (we are in the field with the application). The android app is gathering information...
  3. B

    Android Question Use Httpjob to build your own B4A library

    Hi, I want to create a library using the standard class where a file should be downloaded, so I decide to use httpjob in my library, but I do not know how to initialize httpjob because by giving Me the target input in the class, the force program will close. Give. Please help. Thankful
  4. Marcos Alves

    Android Question HttpJob and Raw Data

    Hello community, I have a doubt here... Using httpJob I know how to send a POST using parameters map (postMultiPart) and even to send a file. But now I have a post request listed in PostMan constructed in this way: Link...
  5. M

    Android Question HttpJob

    Sorry I'm an absolute beginner in b4a I do not know how to find additional libraries and particularly the HttpJob one Thanks
  6. S

    Android Code Snippet Upload a file to your server with HttpJob and php(included)

    4-25-2020 Pick a SINGLE File from Dialog box, Then upload it To a server on LAN Or Internet I wrote this B4A To be very small, simple, & easy to understand on a beginners level In Files Is the PHP script To handle single File upload And save As original filename php creates And appends a...
  7. saeed10051

    Android Question Problem regarding running php script

    Hi, i am trying to run a php script by using following code Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("", Me) 'j.PostString("", query) j.Download("") Wait For (j) jobdone (j As HttpJob) If j.Success Then...
  8. saeed10051

    Android Question How to get an array using okhttputils2

    I am using following php script and it is returning an array to me. How can i get the data out of this array as i am using j as httpjob, but httpjob does not have a get array type of method. $result = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM menuitems"); if ($result->num_rows > 0) { $rows = array()...
  9. N

    Android Question Httpjob - How to trap Out of Memory error

    Hi, How can I trap "out of memory" error on httpjob before my app crashes when I try to upload large files, try and catch not works. Is possible to check avaliable memory with file size to know if my app can upload or not?
  10. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Clear cookies from HttpJob

    When you make multiple requests with HttpJob, cookies returned from the server are kept across the requests. This might be useful in some cases, but in other cases it is a problem as the web server will not send a new cookie if it is already present in the request. In the following example a...
  11. stingrae

    Android Question Http Job Wait For Hangs

    Hi, I can't seem to figure this out. When I call the following code, it hangs on the Wait For: Dim strThisURL As String = "URL of my API" Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("" , Me) j.Download(strThisURL) Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob) ' Hangs Here Dim MyDataList As List Dim...
  12. janderkan

    B4R Question Firebase FCM not working with ESP32 I am using B4R 3.0, Esp8266 2.5.2, Esp32 1.0.4 Using this example on the Esp8266 works fine. On the Esp32 the HttpJob/ParseResult function is not called. The data returned from Firebase in...
  13. aedwall

    Android Question HttpJob and UTF8

    I am trying to use HttpJob to pass city names to a MySQL database, but b4A always makes funny characters out of names like "Bácum" by turning it into "B%C3%A1cum". I don't want UTF-8 conversions which I can't seem to turn back into a recognizable city name with PHP. If I tell HttpJob...
  14. J

    B4J Question HttpJob proxy settings

    I try to use the proxy settings for HttpJob. This is my code: SetSystemProperty("http.proxyHost", ProxyHost) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPort", ProxyPort) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyUser", ProxyUsername) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPassword", ProxyPassword)...
  15. Brandsum

    Android Question HttpJob causing restarting paused activity

    Hi, I'm using OkHttpUtils2 for downloading some images. Problem: If I close the activity by pressing back button when it still downloading an image, the activity starts again automatically. Don't know what is happening!!! Do anyone have any solution for this problem?
  16. Mashiane

    B4J Question [SOLVED] jHttpUtils2: Trapping 204 No Content

    Hi there I'm using a rest api, apparently it returns a 204 "No Content" message however my wait for statement never gets to process this. Step 1: Get Access Token and Save it (This works perfectly!!!) 'get the access token Sub GetAccessToken() As ResumableSub Log("GetAccessToken")...
  17. Mashiane

    B4J Question HTTPUtils: REST API Resource Error on existing end point

    Hi there Im using HttpJob to read a rest api, this works (returns the results) and sometimes does not (returns the resource has been moved/does not exist). This is being used with wait for. The end point I have been provided exists however the job.ErrorMessage is at times 'Not Found' and...
  18. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question ResponseError. Reason: Connection closed by peer, Response:

    <code> Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("", Me) ' j.Download("") </code> Erro open, ResponseError. Reason...
  19. F

    Android Question Problem with WaitFor - Object context is paused (HttpJob)

    Hello, I'm trying to interrogate a webservice using HttpJob with the code below, but it keeps displaying this message "Object context is paused. Ignoring CallSubDelayed: JobDone". I have another function in this class which does basically the same thing and it works fine. What am I missing...