1. Mashiane

    B4J Question HTTPUtils: REST API Resource Error on existing end point

    Hi there Im using HttpJob to read a rest api, this works (returns the results) and sometimes does not (returns the resource has been moved/does not exist). This is being used with wait for. The end point I have been provided exists however the job.ErrorMessage is at times 'Not Found' and...
  2. bitben

    Android Question B4A SSL Handshake Error

    Hello, yes i know there are many threads about this, but i have found no solution to my - i think - special problem. I need to connect to this url: There is no need to install an sec. certificate, i can load it and login in chrome without certificate...
  3. Ferdari

    Bug? OkHttpUtils2: Multipart and Job.GetString Bug: FileNotFoundException

    I was about to throw the job and getting crazy, searching for solution in every corner of the forum. thinking that the ContentChooser was the problem, trying every solution posted: j.Initialize( "j", Me) Dim fd As MultipartFileData fd.Initialize fd.KeyName =...