B4J Question HTTPUtils: REST API Resource Error on existing end point


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Hi there

Im using HttpJob to read a rest api, this works (returns the results) and sometimes does not (returns the resource has been moved/does not exist). This is being used with wait for.

The end point I have been provided exists however the job.ErrorMessage is at times 'Not Found' and sometimes its able to return the results first time / a couple of times. I am able to parse data from job.GetString into a list sometimes dololo.

Can someone please advice in terms of what could be the issue and what can be improved.



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You are not providing enough informations. Upload a small project which shows the Issue.
the job.ErrorMessage is at times 'Not Found'
Make sure to know the callled URL to understand why it is not found "at times" in the Result. If possible use the Jobs Tag Property to log the used (or Map with the parameters).