in app billing

  1. M

    iOS Question In app purchase returns unknown error

    Hi, I implemented in-app purchases with istore library. Now when i pay, returns this error: An unknown error occurred How to fixed it.
  2. P

    Android Question Problem getting in-app available SKUs

    Related to I can't seem to list any SKUs for my app... I have an "inherited" app (previously written in Java by another developer) that I am building a new version for. The last...
  3. walterf25

    iOS Question In App Purchases Promo Codes

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to validate or check when promo code has been used for a specific app, I have an app with Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions and i have generated a few promo codes for some people to try out the app and advertise it for me, the problem i'm having is that...
  4. I

    Android Question In-App billing fails occassionally

    I am using InAppBilling3 (1.31) in an app of mine. I have about 14000 active users, out of which I have received emails from maybe 40-50 users saying they can't upgrade. Apparently when they click upgrade button, the popup from Play Store won't appear. Here is the code for upgrade button. If...