Android Question Problem getting in-app available SKUs


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I can't seem to list any SKUs for my app...
I have an "inherited" app (previously written in Java by another developer) that I am building a new version for. The last remaining thing to implement is in-app purchases. Naturally I want to keep all in-app purchases available in this new version (the app delivers documents on a pay-per-document basis). However, this code

    Wait For (billing.ConnectIfNeeded) Billing_Connected (Result As BillingResult)
    If Result.IsSuccess Then
        Dim sf As Object = billing.QuerySkuDetails("inapp", Array("__myid__"))
        Wait For (sf) Billing_SkuQueryCompleted (Result As BillingResult, SkuDetails As List)
        Log("List size: " & SkuDetails.Size)
        If Result.IsSuccess And SkuDetails.Size = 1 Then
            Dim sku As SkuDetails = SkuDetails.Get(0)
        End If
    End If

will always return 0 on the list size. I am sure that "__myid__" is correct, and I also inserted the correct billing key.
Any ideas? Thank you in advance!